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Jul 1, 2009 06:57 PM

Pop's and La Voile

Work duties have me eating at these places next week-- Pop's for lunch, La Voile for dinner. I've never been to either and am looking for tips on what's best to order. Recent experiences, anyone?

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  1. The lunch menu at Pops doesn't have many misses. Good sandwiches, a solid burger, great fries, good salads and pastas. Some pleasant wines by the glass, a good patio of the weather suits. I like the greenhouse room in the back if I have to sit indoors. Very reasonable prices.

    I've never had lunch at La Voile, but think it's one of a handful of worthy restaurants on Newbury Street. It's gotten pricier over time, and the service is very French (not butt-smoochy), the wine list doesn't have enough range at the low end, but the food is superb. Think Provence: excellent seafood, more rustic French food. Fabulous salads, nice patio. Great soupe de poissons.

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      the food at la voile is quite good -- excellent renditions of french classics. my complaint is that it takes forever to get out of he kitchen. last time i was there our 2 course dinner took over 3 hours. we were there early, so the place was not that busy. friend ordered lamb shank and i ordered a rabbit terrine, both of which are obviously pre-made. it was over an hour between apps and entrees, and as it was, apps had taken over 40 minutes to come out. i nearly lost my mind.

    2. I have only been to Pops for dinner but I absolutely LOVE the Kobe meatloaf. I hope that it is on their lunch menu, although it would make a very heavy lunch. The meatloaf is just really flavorful and ofcourse soft but not mushy. Yum.