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Jul 1, 2009 06:49 PM


Anyone know who has cracklings (pork) in the north Puget Sound? I have never tried them, but a co-worker says they are divine.

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  1. I believe the mexican grocery just north of 85 on Greenwood has a mexican version...

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    1. re: gt1485a

      You are correct. The place is called La Conasupo. It's a Mexican grocery in the front but if you head to the back there's a small eatery that sells cracklings along with some great quesadillas. Goat on the weekends as well.

    2. nearly any gasoline station or larger convenience store will have bags of fried pork rinds which are cracklings in english - reputed to be a particular favorite of george h. w. "no brocolli" bush