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Anyone know who has cracklings (pork) in the north Puget Sound? I have never tried them, but a co-worker says they are divine.

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  1. I believe the mexican grocery just north of 85 on Greenwood has a mexican version...

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    1. re: gt1485a

      You are correct. The place is called La Conasupo. It's a Mexican grocery in the front but if you head to the back there's a small eatery that sells cracklings along with some great quesadillas. Goat on the weekends as well.

      1. re: bergeo

        Love their carnitas!!

    2. nearly any gasoline station or larger convenience store will have bags of fried pork rinds which are cracklings in english - reputed to be a particular favorite of george h. w. "no brocolli" bush