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Jul 1, 2009 06:06 PM

Kansas City Tacos

I'm looking for Kansas City's best taco. I'm open to any kind of taco, but prefer one of two - the authentic, double mini-corn soft tortillas filled with meat, onion, cilantro, and a radish, or the fantastically hedonistic fried flour puffy tacos.

I just moved here from Des Moines, where I had two places I frequented (Tacos Mariana's and Tasty Tacos) and need to find out where here. I've eaten the Sonoran Tacos at Ponak's and, while tasty, weren't exactly what I wanted.

Are there any taco trucks in KC? Those generally have great food!

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  1. Cancun Fiesta Fresh in Westport has street tacos.

    1. Last year , my wife and I stopped at a street vendor just west of 23rd and Summit. It was set-up like a street vendor on the mexican/US border. The tacos were warmed on a griddle outside, while inside the storefront was a variety of salsas and onions with cilantro to finish your tacos. A very enjoyable snack.

      1. i'll 2nd Cancun Fiesta Fresh in Westport. sounds like what your looking for.

        1. Far better than Cancun Fiesta Fresh: There is a Michoacan grocery store at the corner of 12th and Minnesota in KCK. The lunch counter inside has tacos (and burritos, tortas, etc) that are 100% authentic. Best tacos I have ever had. You choose your meat(s) (incl. pastor, barbacoa, lamb, lengua, carnitas, etc), the woman puts them on corn tortillas, with a sprinkling of cilantro and onion on top. FABULOUS!!

          1. Rudys has the puffy taco you are speaking of, it's very good. Everything at Rudy's is good.

            My top mexican restaurants in KC are (I've lived her my entire life and love Mexican food)
            1. El Sombreo (Claycomo)
            2. Los Corrales
            3. Dos Hombres
            4. Ponaks
            5. Manny's