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Jul 1, 2009 05:29 PM

Pregnant in Halifax looking for cheesesteak

I have a massive craving for a cheesesteak, as authentic as possible...any place in Halifax/Dartmouth that has such a thing?

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  1. I know of two places offhand: Willie's on Blowers Street and Island Greek

    Island Greek
    2150 Gottingen St, Halifax, NS B3K, CA

    Halifax, NS, Halifax, NS , CA

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      1. re: LeahFaith

        Tell that baby to report on how the sandwich is...I haven't tried either one and he/she sounds like an expert!

        1. re: starlings

          well I went to Willy's and it was closed even though it was during their open hours as listed on their sign???...Island Greek does not serve theirs with Cheese Whiz, which is what they use in Philly..I'll try Willy's again this weekend

          1. re: LeahFaith

            ARGH! Why does Willy's do that? I work nearby and every once in a while I think I'll treat myself to a burger and fries on the way home, and they're closed, even when they should be open. Invariably, on days when I don't count on them, they're in there flipping burgers!

    1. While not a completely traditional cheesesteak, Tarek's on Robie does a Philly cheesesteak wrap. Delicious!

      1. Ryan Duffy's has this as a special right now. I'd say that is a sure bet.