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Jul 1, 2009 05:26 PM

Wine at Mercado La Paloma?

I had lunch there today with some friends - we shared dishes from Chichen Itza and Mo-Chica - and now want to bring DH back for dinner at Mo-Chica. I know there's no alcohol served - has anyone tried bringing their own?

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  1. Glad you liked Mo-Chica!! We didn't bring our own, but I'm pretty sure they're flexible and would welcome it. But just in case, give them a call. 213-747-2141.

    1. We brought our own last night but were very cautious about. Because it's a community project, there is NO alcohol allowed at El Mercado.... completely understandable... I gave them the heads up I was coming with booze (they said they would turn a blind eye if we were discrete) so I went to Target... bought a bottle of their Archer Farms sparkling pomegrante juice, dumped that into a pitcher for later, and rinsed it out and put and 'decanted' a bottle of 2001 L.A. Cetto Nebbiolo (I didn't have any Malbec in the house) in it. OMG... it was the perfect thing ever to go with that wonderful Causa and Lomo Saltado... :) and no one batted an eye. Tomorrow we hope to bring in a Riesling into Mariscos Chente. :)


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        Hi Dommy.. Its been awhile. Not to hijack this thread.. But, I hosted a dinner for 9 at Chente last week. No worries. They have a beer and wine licence so you can BYO and Angie was very proud of the "new wine glasses thay have" lets just say sergio was very happy with me that night :)

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          Wonderful!! I thought I had read about someone brining in wine and/or margaritas... LOL! We do plan to have some "chevas" there(the only way to enjoy Coctels IMHO) but I think the beauty of the Pescado Zareando deserves and fine drink! :)