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Jul 1, 2009 05:20 PM

Need ideas for protein breakfast

I need ideas for protein breakfast. I only like eggs so-so. I'll eat them hard scrambled with ketchup, but still not my favorite. I don't like yogurt, and I don't do tofu b/c of soy sensitivities. I like peanut butter toast, but I don't want it every day. I like most cheeses, but not cream cheese or cottage cheese. I'm starting to think it might come down to turkey and cheese sandwiches. Any other ideas? thanks

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  1. Bacon. is. protein.

    I could stop there, but really you can't eat too much of that and stay healthy. Turkey bacon is worth a try.
    Shredded cheese melted between 2 tortillas or wraps

    Have you tried fritatta or quiche? I learned to like eggs that way... you can find a recipe that is basically a lot of veggies held together by a bit of egg.

    You can also get protein powder at any health food store (GNC, Vitamin shop) and have that with some milk, sort of a "healthy" milkshake.

    Though I should ask, is this for a weight training routine?

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      a note for those who have suggested faux breakfast meats such as Gimme Lean and Morningstar - those products are made with soy, which the OP stated is not an option due to sensitivity.

      seitan (wheat gluten) would be an acceptable meat substitute.

      ETA: i meant to post this as a reply to the OP, not to iluvcookies. sorry!

    2. Ham and bacon? If you're worried about fat, you can go for turkey bacon (I've never found any that I REALLY liked but somebody else might recommend something), or Canadian or back bacon. I love a good bacon and tomato sandwich for breakfast.

      1. can you do any sort of meat substitutes? Gimme Lean sausage is delicious..

        it sounds like you need to throw ideas about traditional (american) breakfast out the door.. go international and hit the beans or grilled fish. you could also try adding protein supplements to fruit smoothies.

        don't rule out veggie omelets or hard boiled eggs either!

        1. Hummus is a good one. You can make some tzatzkiki and put them both on a whole wheat pita. Both are easy to make at home, but you can always get hummus pre-made at the grocery store, too.

          Smoked salmon or gravlax with some sour cream on pumpernickel toast.

          And protein powder smoothies are another good choice.

          1. - salmon! smoked, poached, broiled, grilled, patties/cakes....all great for breakfast.
            - quinoa - hot or cold, cooked as a porridge, add any fruits, nuts & spices you like.
            - smoothies with fruit, ice, protein powder and nut butter or flax seed.
            - stir protein powder into oatmeal or other hot cereal or porridge after cooking.
            - fold cottage cheese, Greek yogurt or ricotta into soft polenta (i know you said you don't like them, but they'll melt/incorporate into the polenta so you won't notice them as much). sweeten and flavor with vanilla, cinnamon, maple syrup, or whatever else strikes your fancy.

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              These sound a lot like my typical breakfasts! I am always mixing cottage cheese into my oatmeal. Great with freshly grated nutmeg and cracked black pepper.