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Jul 1, 2009 05:14 PM

Is all the Pepsi Throwback gone?

This seems a bit silly to worry about, but I was really enjoying the sweet sugary goodness, and I can't find it anywhere locally. Anyone spotted it recently?

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  1. The canteen truck outside the Suffolk County House of Correction had a few bottles as of yesterday. Def not destination dining, but if you find yourself arrested grab some after you get bailed out... :)

    Seriously it did.

    1. Try J.Pace in the North End.

      1. There's some in the checkout stand coolers at the North Quincy Stop and Shop on Newport Ave. I just got a bottle, there was definitely some left.

        1. I got some in my local CVS the other day, so it's still around some places!

          1. Is the Pepsi throwback made with pure cane sugar? That is the taste differential in my book. I've been told that Coca Cola distributes product made with pure cane sugar around certain religious holidays. I found a stash in Carmel last summer at a drugstore and bought out the inventory. It was bottled in Mexico.

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                There is kosher for passover coke, but I'm coming from nyc so not too sure if that makes the rounds up here.

                1. re: JohnnyQ1960

                  I'm waiting for the Pepsi Thrownoff, which is made from the pure sugar-free cane sugar.