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Jul 1, 2009 03:29 PM

Doughnuts in Takoma Park?

I like bringing in bagels or doughnuts or what-have-you to work every now and then. Since I moved out here though I haven't been able to find a good bakery where you can buy a couple of dozen doughnuts or so...all I get is Dunkin' Donuts, Fractured Prune, Krispy Kreme - and don't get me wrong, I am perfectly happy with those sometimes, but it's nothing to write home about! The bakeries I have encountered so far in TK PK are more pastry-shops, no fresh trays of doughnuts etc. Anyone know a good place to stop? I don't want to drive into DC in the morning as I work in sense in adding too much unnecessary traffic-time to the commute!

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  1. None that I can think of. Sorry. My go-to donut shop was Heller's in Tenley Circle (yes, I would drive from Silver Spring to Bethesda via Tenley Circle), but it's gone now, I think, and even I can't bring myself to drive from Silver Spring to Bethesda via Mount Pleasant.

    1. Try the Four Corners Bakery in the nearby Woodmoor neighborhood of Silver Spring.

      1. Moira, I consider myself a donut afficianado. All the places you named are good, but for my money the best donuts in Washington are made from scratch, in the store, at Shoppers Food Warehouse. (There's one in Takoma Park.) These donuts are HUGE, FRESH, and delectable. They come in a ton of varieties...and they are unbelievably inexpensive.

        In the past week, I took a couple of boxes to one of my customer's sites and I have gotten about a half dozen emails raving about them. Give em a try!

        1. Doughnut King in Kensington/Wheaton on University Blvd.