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Jul 1, 2009 03:15 PM

Wonderful hamburgers in Lake Worth!

The best hamburgers we've EVER had (wife & I)...believe it or not, are at Farmer Girl restaurant: 1732 N Dixie Hwy
Lake Worth, FL 33460-6561
(561) 582-0317

Huge, amazing, real home made burgers, with loads of spectacular fresh toppings of your choice! Great fries, too. We told a few friends about it - they just went and tried it this week and came home in a happy bliss! No kidding, they're perfection every time.
My personal favorite is the burger with swiss and mushrooms....even the buns are super!

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    1. re: aribo

      They are famous as every Thanksgiving they open the doors and server free for all just show up and you eat for free

    2. Had to go based on the recommendation of rainroosty. IMO, nothing special. Not bad but certainly not great. Steak fries were just your average steak fries.

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      1. re: Alfred G

        Hmmm, I'm kind of surprised to hear that - sorry it wasn't better for wife and I agree that we've never had a better burger in our lives..... :-)

      2. rainsooty...Ya can't please everyone......I like Farmer Girl just because...I met Steven Tyler there a few years ago when he dropped in to help serve the homeless a free Thanksgiving dinner. Now that is cool.

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        1. re: HotMelly

          That is VERY cool, Melly! I remember that and wish we had been there....he did go to CVS in Lake Worth and get his prescriptions filled by my wife, who luckily thought to immediately buy a disposable camera and get her picture taken with his arms around her! :-)
          The next day he went back in the CVS and when my wife was busy at a computer he walked up to her in front of everyone waiting on line and said to her, "I'm just here to see my girlfriend".....!!! Darn guy made my wife turn all silly & stuff......LOL!