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Jul 1, 2009 03:12 PM

Napa birthday suggestion

I'm saving FL for my 30th, but am spending a weekend in August at the campground in Calistoga for my birthday this year. I want a memorable culinary experience (last two birthdays were at Chez Panisse, and Gary Danko). Debating between Bouchon and Redd (although open to others). Thoughts?

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  1. Not Bouchon -- many reports of disappointing experiences there, plus it's really just a casual bisto, not a special occasion restaurant. My choice would be Martini House, which has the added benefit of being a lot closer to Calistoga than Yountville is.

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      I like the suggestion of Martini House for a special occasion. Great high end professional service and wonderful food. A nice treat for when you want to spend some money. Maybe have a nice walk around the main street in St. Helena before dinner . . .

    2. I'd say Terra and Ubuntu.