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Jul 1, 2009 02:02 PM

The Taste: Convince Me

Ok, I'm putting my past back in my past and setting my point of view aside.

I know some of you LOVE The Taste of Chicago. I've been posting about what a waste it is.

Convince me.

Mr. CG and I are going to The Taste. We're going on Friday night, yep, the worst possible time to go, but may as well get the full experience. Gonna see the fireworks and give the Taste a shot.

I don't think we've been there since Jayne Byrne was mayor and started the whole thing (ok, so maybe not THAT long, but it's been a while).

And I need you to tell me:
where to go
what to try
what to avoid
how to find the good stuff
when to get there
what to bring
any tips and techniques you have to dealing with The Taste.

I totally trust you and will report on our adventure later.

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  1. sorry, can't help. i'm totally with you... i live by there and i wish i never have to go out when it's going on. it's just a total mess...

    1. Jerk chicken is a waste. Always go for the unique.

      I loved loved the mustard crusted catfish.

      We also had goat and plantains from Vee Vees, great baklava, gator sausage (not so unique but good) and cumin dusted fries.

      I admit, we go because we live practically across the street and bought our tickets early. Don't waste money on drinks and bring your own water. There are a few things I think would also be interesting to try, including Irish egg rolls and the crispy noodle shrimp and shark. Forget the pizza and hotdogs - get them somewhere cheaper.

      1. Go to Dominicks and buy tickets so as not to have to wait in line. Costs the same.

        1. "We're going on Friday night, yep, the worst possible time to go, but may as well get the full experience. "

          I've always had pleasant enough experiences at ToC by following one inviolable rule: Off-days, off-hours. I'm afraid the above creates an insurmountable barrier, and I hesitate to give advice since it turns an essentially chancey exercise into a far chancier one. All i can say is, grin and bear it and pray for rain.

          1. get a pull cart of some sort if you can - like the shopping cart you see older (wiser) ladies with. fill a collapsable 6 pack sized cooler up with a six pack, some ice, throw it into a paper grocery bag, throw the bag in the cart. Top the cooler with a blanket, and top the blanket with the styrofoam containers of foods that you get, and cart it all off to a spot you've picked out to watch the fireworks.
            The mustard catfish is usually a "must" for me.