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Jul 1, 2009 01:48 PM

Bakery House in Bryn Mawr, Yes or No?

Having just moved back to Philadelphia area after a long absence thought l would try this bakery that l have seen mentioned on this board. Went today around noon and bought four things.
Slice of coconut cake
Sticky Bun
Quarter of a Jewish apple cake
White cupcake.
Here are my opinions, please let me/us hear yours
White cupcake (1.75)- this was the item recommended by the staff, when l asked for best thing they had. It was average size, very, very rich, one-half was all l could eat at one sitting, but all in all, a damn good cupcake.
Sticky bun(3.75)-While topping was good quality 'sticky' with nuts and raisins, the roll part had no nuts and raisins, a common complaint of mine, but more to the point, it was stale. ate the topping, birds got the rest
Jewish apple cake(5.00)-Had a cake from Night Kitchen a week or so ago and tried to compare the two.they both were expensive and cost the same, $20 per cake, Night Kitchen's was like a pineapple upside down cake but with apple not pineapple. While not exceptional, ate over a week and stayed fresh, others who sampled liked and birds got nothing. This one was dreadful, tasteless, texture like glue and almost no apple to be seen. Squirrels got the whole thing, minus my one bite as l really hate squirrels.
Coconut cake(2.75)-Had a very noticeable chemical smell, whether from the plastic box it was in, or an ingredient, do not know, but for me inedible, could not give to the birds for fear of toxicity.

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  1. I had a slice of very forgettable cake from there once. I'm not a big bakery customer since I like to bake myself & may need to go GF (ugh). The bakery I love is Aux Petits Delices - mostly for croissants, chocolate and gelato. They even have the makings of a pique-nique there with sausage & cheese, yum.

    I'm so glad you are back in the area, because you always have the most interesting posts! Best wishes in your new place!

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    1. re: Mawrter

      Yes! Aux Petits Delices! Best chocolate croissants in the area by far! They're warm in the morning. The apricot croissants are also spectacular. They do a raspberry and chocolate mousse layer cake that is light and divine. The owner/baker was the pastry chef at Le Bec fin in its best early days. I have never loved the Bakery House, but it certainly has its devotees. The line goes around the block before Thanksgiving. There are better options in the area. If you want a good cupcake, Deluca..., try Clay's Creative Bakery in Berwyn.

    2. Well, Deluca, you have clearly proved your analytical orientation when it comes to baked goods. Let me say this about the Bakery House....I've eaten cakes, bread and pastries from the Bakery House and have loved (liked very much!) everything although some items were less spectacular than others, as one finds with every bakery. I eat to enjoy and find that too much analysis ruins a food experience for me. Incidentally, not far from the Bakery House is The Nut House, another fabulous -- albeit not perfect -- specialty shop.

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      1. re: Enjoy Good Food

        Yes, it is true, l analyze to death. Everything, but mainly food things, thought that was what this blog was all about, oh well. Do you mean the 'Head Nut' in Wynnewood. Yes the people are rude, but been buying there for a long, long time back to before the bankruptcy when called 'Tem-Tee nuts'

        1. re: Delucacheesemonger

          Yes, Deluca, I was referring to the "Head Nut" in Ardmore (not Wynnewood) as a terrific little kibble shop. The lack of warmth on the part of shopkeepers makes me feel right at home.....grin.

          1. re: Enjoy Good Food

            If it were just a lack of warmth, I could semi-deal., Mixing up of brown spices that happen to be brown -cinnamon and cumin- is not cool. They would not fix their mistake, give me a refund, acknowledge the error, nothing. I get my spices elsewhere now.

            1. re: Mawrter

              Sorry to hear about your bad experience, Mawriter. Incompetence is quite different from "lack of warmth" and arrogance in response to a shop's incompetence/mistake is pretty unforgivable. Such behavior results in a permanent kiss-off for me.

              1. re: Enjoy Good Food

                Yeah... I just consider myself lucky that I *realized* the problem before I went off and ruined good food with it.

                1. re: Mawrter

                  I have been to the Head Nut on many occassions as well as their Main Line Coffee stand located in the Lancaster Farmers Market located in Wayne. Sorry to hear about your troubles as my experience has been quite different. I enjoy thier large selections of candy and nuts and when I had to return some nuts I had no problem. Id like to hope that yours was a unique experience that can be written off to someone having a bad day. The crew at the farmers market coffee stand are very nice and helpfull as well as entertaining. I do understand based on your experience why you would not want to return but for anyone reading this board I would highly recommend you check it out for yourself.

                  1. re: mickflea

                    I guess it's sort of funny that you feel that way, since I know a *lot* of people who have gotten burned at Head Nut. Even those who haven't gotten the wrong product universally mention the attitude, and what really blows my mind is that other vendors at the farmer's market have mentioned -privately- that dealing with them is ... unpleasantly unpredictable. Or predictably unpleasant - in any case, let's just say I stand by my dis-recommendation.

                    You wouldn't be associated with the Head Nut yourself, would you? I ask because I notice that you have never posted to any other thread on Chowhound. Just wondering!

                    Since you seem to be new, I'll refer you to the guidelines about posting for "owners, friends and other insiders". Might want to take a look (link below) if that applies to you.


                    1. re: Mawrter

                      I have been going to Head Nut since childhood, and have never had a negative experience. My statement applies to both products and customer service. I understand that you were upset by your experience, but your manner of "subtly" questioning the loyalties of another user, who is attempting to express his/her point of view in a public forum, seems slightly excessive in this instance.

        2. re: Enjoy Good Food

          They have a giant apple pie that is pretty good for a bakery pie ...doesn't hold a candle to my mom's homemade though. I tried another pie from there too --it was something fruity with too much crumb topping, definitely for the birds!!

          This may not sound too gourmet but I like the jewish apple cake from Genuardis. Also good are the pecan pie and carrot cake from Whole Foods.

          1. re: rocknroll52

            Just saw a Jewish apple cake at WF for $7, ingredients looked non-toxic.

        3. I have recommended Bakery House in the past. Never again.
          My son's birthday cake was not made according to my request ( and I called to confirm the order on the day prior to pick-up).
          The bakery manager was not willing to correct the mistake or offer an alternative option. I was stuck with a cake too small to serve everyone at our party....