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Jul 1, 2009 01:32 PM

*July 2009 COTM* SPICE: Three Seeds -- Poppy, Nigella, and Sesame

Our Chowhound July 2009 Cookbook of the Month is Spice: Flavors of the Eastern Mediterranean by Ana Sortun.

Please post your full-length recipe reviews here for dishes from Chapter Six:
Three Seeds -- Poppy, Nigella, and Sesame -- page 172 to 195. Please mention the name of the recipe you are reviewing and the page number, if possible, as well as any modifications you made to the recipe. Let us know if you would like to make the recipe again, and if you would change anything in the future, too. Photos welcome!

A reminder that the verbatim copying of recipes to the boards is a violation of the copyright of the original author. Posts with copied recipes will be removed.

Thanks for participating and enjoy!

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  1. Crick-Cracks: Savory Turkish-Style Crackers, p. 176

    Loved these! The first batch I rolled was too sticky and I had to toss it, but when I used plenty of flour, I had no problems.

    I made the dough in a KitchenAid mixer - flour, cornmeal, sugar, butter, salt, and buttermilk, and chilled overnight. Yesterday, divided it into 4, rolled each out on a Silpat, and chilled again for an hour. Prick with a fork, sprinkle with sesame, poppy, and nigella seeds, cut into 3-inch squares with a pizza cutter, and bake at 325 for about 20 minutes. Buttery and crispy. Would definitely make again. I served these with Muhammara (p.153 ) and Chicken and Walnut Pate with Smoked Paprika (p. 146)

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      Oh my goodness, Rubee. Those look as though they came from some fabulously expensive European bakery. Just gorgeous! Adding to the list--to copy before I have to return the book, even if not to try immediately.

    2. Spinach Falafel with Tahini sauce. I happened to have all ingredients on hand. This is really more of a spinach panisse - you cook some chickpea flour (i used indian) in milk mix with sauteed onions and blanched spinach, and olive oil ( i omitted the oil) and then chill, flour (I used cornstarch) and fry.

      First i forgot to dust with flour and made a mess, as I pan freied them in just a little oil. but i repurposed the mix and tried again. That batch was oilier but good. They didn't stay crisp beyond dinner so eat immediately. i enjoyed the flavor, and although it used 3 pans it wasn't terribly difficult to put together. Son says it tasted like In-N-Out which is a compliment in case you are wondering. I don't fry often, so don't know how often I would make this.

      1. Caramelized Onion Tart with Poppy Seeds, Bacon, and Dates, p. 182

        This uses the same Crick Crack dough I loved above. I had the dough frozen in the freezer, and when I was asked to bring an appetizer to a fellow Chowhound's house, I made these. Great as an appetizer, and leftovers perfect the next day for lunch with a salad.

        Onions are caramelized with butter, and then combined with poppy seeds, creme fraiche and thyme. For the filling in the free-form tarts, the onion mixture is topped with crisped bacon and dates. I would make these again - loved the combination of flavors.