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Jul 1, 2009 01:07 PM

Chicken Pot Pie vs Chicken Pie

My friends and I were watching the Barefoot Contessa, and she made a Lobster Pot Pie, I started the argument by saying that it was not true pot pie. Being from Central PA, pot pie to us is a rib sticking concoction of any meat, (but mostly chicken), flat wide "pot pie" noodles and potatos all smothered with gravy. Yes! It is an Amish dish. My Calif friend said that this is only true in PA, and that the rest of the country calls a meat pie, pot pie. Hence my confusion. I keep thinking back to the Swanson's Chicken Pies. They are called just "Chicken Pies". What started this again was the the thread "Best Frozen Chicken Pot Pie. I say it is NOT pot pie if it has a crust.

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  1. Being from Mass a pot pie definitely does have a crust - maybe double, maybe just top. Meat, potato, gravy and veggies if desired. Meat, noodles and potato with gravy sounds like stew to me. That's what regions are for I guess !

    1. Might as well argue what is a cobbler. To me a pot pie has a biscuit top. Cobbler has a bottom and top crust. I bet both terms mean several things to different people.

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        For me, a pot pie has a top and bottom crust, and a cobbler has a biscuit topping.

      2. Pie vs Pot Pie

        I only know one thing which is pot pies. Whether it is individual or a larger one it has a crust, bottom or top and least it has one or both. Chicken or beer in a rich gravy veggies, NO noodles and baked. That to me is pot pie.

        Noodles is stew like. To me no crust, not a pot pie. Otherwise it is a stew.

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          I agree with kchurchill. I've had a lot of pot pies, and none of them have ever had noodles.

        2. Whether Swanson calls theirs 'chicken pie' or 'chicken pot pie', I grew up hearing 'pot pie'. 'Chicken pie' doesn't sound quite right.

          Chicken with wide noodles and gravy sounds more like one version of 'chicken and dumplings'. In this version the dumplings are actually thick, somewhat chewy, noodles. Of course there's another version that has a light biscuit steamed on top.

          1. Swanson most definitely calls their products POT pies, as evidenced on their website:

            What you described as pot pie would be considered some sort of casserole/goulash by my family, and they are from the Pittsburgh area!