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Jul 1, 2009 12:38 PM

Schwarzbrot. Authentic German black bread. The real deal.

Anyone know where I could get this in or around Philadelphia or Wilmington? Anywhere within about 50 miles thereof? Cheers!

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  1. This is more than a longshot, but I was in Crossroads Bakeshop in Doylestown last week, and one of the owners said he's been trying out some heavy-duty German breads. They're hit or miss right now, as far as when they're there, but at some point they'll be in their regular rotation. Just to give you a grain of hope....

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      You may want to try Metropolitan Bakery; they have some nice dark, crusty breads, but no schwarzbrot.


      I miss going to the Backeri when I was stationed in Germany! For those who've never been there, they are to Germany as cheeseteak and hoagie shops are to our area, one on every corner!

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        I think the best opportunity would be to go to the Northeast to one of two large markets- Bell's Market or Net Cost.

        Net Cost
        11701 Bustleton Ave
        Philadelphia, PA 19116

        Bell's Market
        Neighborhood: Rhawnhurst
        8354 Bustleton Ave
        Philadelphia, PA 19152

        Now, both of these markets are russian/East European oriented but the "chorny xleb" at a russian bakery is going to be very close to the schwarzbrot from Germany.. And the selection at both of these stores is amazing. Also wonderful places to find a wide range of butters, sour creams, pickled fish, and cured meats. Language is the only barrier. Note these are both supermarket size markets, not small delis.