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Jul 1, 2009 12:00 PM

White Pistachio's?

A very long time ago I was able to buy white, salt encrusted, in the shell pistachio's. Does anyone know if these are still available anywhere? Thanks

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  1. You mean white as opposed to dyed red? These are very easily found - Trader Joe's, for one, sells them both salted and unsalted.

    I wouldn't call those "salt-encrusted" though, just salted. Are you talking about a product with a heavy coating of salt? Can't say I've ever seen those. What would be the point, since unlike traditional salt-encrusted pumpkin seeds, you can't eat the shells on pistachios?

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      You can suck the salt off before you eat the pistachio, if you're as depraved about salt as I am.

    2. Do these look like what you're looking for?

      I have never tried nuts from these websites - just linking to pictures. If this is what you want, look in Middle Eastern shops.

      p.s. if you enjoy these, you might also like salted almonds that are still encased in a paper thin, easy to peel away shell. There's also lemon salted pistachios ( - salty and just a little bit sour, but entirely delicious!

      1. I know what you are talking about. I fell in love with the white salt encrusted pistachios as a child. It has been 20 years or so since I found any, at Pike Place Market in Seattle, but then they quit getting them too.

        They are totally enclosed in a crust of white salt that you can actually eat off of the shell. It covers the shell so that you can't see it, just a bright white covering of salt, similar to an ice cream bar covered in a shell of chocolate, IE a Klondike Bar.

        If you ever find some, let me know, natural shelled are OK but the white salt encrusted ones are to die for.

        1. These were delicious. I used to eat them in the 80's. Very few people remember them. They look like they were spray painted white and they were more closed than pistachios today. I need to find these nuts!!!

          1. I think I found them. I too have been looking for these salt-bombs.

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              Thanks DSW. I have been looking for these pistachio nuts for years. The pistachios at look exactly like the heavy salt encrusted that I remember as a child.
              I hope they're one and the same.

              1. re: NMI2

                Thank you I also have been looking for years. I'm buying now to see if they are real thanks again I let you kno

              2. re: DSW

                Hello, Thanks for leading me to this vendor. I remember these nuts when I was a kid from the peanut shop downtown about 56 years ago. I love them too. I placed an order for a couple of pounds. //... PanamaJoe