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White Pistachio's?

A very long time ago I was able to buy white, salt encrusted, in the shell pistachio's. Does anyone know if these are still available anywhere? Thanks

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  1. You mean white as opposed to dyed red? These are very easily found - Trader Joe's, for one, sells them both salted and unsalted.

    I wouldn't call those "salt-encrusted" though, just salted. Are you talking about a product with a heavy coating of salt? Can't say I've ever seen those. What would be the point, since unlike traditional salt-encrusted pumpkin seeds, you can't eat the shells on pistachios?

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      You can suck the salt off before you eat the pistachio, if you're as depraved about salt as I am.

    2. Do these look like what you're looking for?

      I have never tried nuts from these websites - just linking to pictures. If this is what you want, look in Middle Eastern shops.

      p.s. if you enjoy these, you might also like salted almonds that are still encased in a paper thin, easy to peel away shell. There's also lemon salted pistachios (http://www.slashfood.com/2006/11/20/l...) - salty and just a little bit sour, but entirely delicious!

      1. I know what you are talking about. I fell in love with the white salt encrusted pistachios as a child. It has been 20 years or so since I found any, at Pike Place Market in Seattle, but then they quit getting them too.

        They are totally enclosed in a crust of white salt that you can actually eat off of the shell. It covers the shell so that you can't see it, just a bright white covering of salt, similar to an ice cream bar covered in a shell of chocolate, IE a Klondike Bar.

        If you ever find some, let me know, natural shelled are OK but the white salt encrusted ones are to die for.

        1. These were delicious. I used to eat them in the 80's. Very few people remember them. They look like they were spray painted white and they were more closed than pistachios today. I need to find these nuts!!!

          1. I think I found them. I too have been looking for these salt-bombs.

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              Thanks DSW. I have been looking for these pistachio nuts for years. The pistachios at bobspeanuts.com look exactly like the heavy salt encrusted that I remember as a child.
              I hope they're one and the same.

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                Thank you I also have been looking for years. I'm buying now to see if they are real thanks again I let you kno

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                Hello, Thanks for leading me to this vendor. I remember these nuts when I was a kid from the peanut shop downtown about 56 years ago. I love them too. I placed an order for a couple of pounds. //... PanamaJoe

              3. I long for the salt encrusted pistachio nuts. As a youth in the 50's and 60's I would save my money for the annual trip to Salt Lake City. Morrrow Nut House always had them on display in the window.
                Every nut company I have since contacted thinks I nuts !!!
                I am ordering some from bobspeanuts.com. I will post as soon as I have tried them -- Lets all hope these are the salty gems we remember and crave !

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                1. re: Paul J

                  I find them randomly at some bars and gas stations, but would love a reliable place to find these! Please let us know how it goes Paul J!

                  1. re: silvermystery

                    I ordered these from the bobspeanuts site listed above and they were what we all remember from the 50's & 60's. Heavy thick salt on the outside, which is sucked off before you ever get to the pistachio...Awesome.

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                    Hey Paul J How did your order go? Were they they heavily coated nuts or just the regular "naturally white" ones? Anxious to know and place my order if success...

                  3. I got my order from Bob's--I ordered white pistachios, peanuts, and cashews. The peanut bag had broken open in transit and was all over the box--all 3 were stale as though from way too much humidity. I put all 3 in a 400 degree oven for about 10 minutes and BINGO!! Fabulous nuts including the old salt encrusted white pistachios from my youth. These "white" pistachios are nothing like plain or natural...they're much more like old fashioned pumpkin seeds. Very salty, crappy for your heart, and absolutely impossible to eat eat just one!

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                      This is great.... glad to hear this. I just ordered 2 lb. Eat in moderation and all should be ok.

                      1. re: PanamaJoe

                        PanamaJoe you wont be disappointed... I am on my 3rd 2 lbs order....lol

                    2. Hi Bob. I am a bartender in California, and I mentioned the white pistacios to one of my customers. Well low and behold for Christmas he gave me two bags of white pistachios!. I was thrilled. He had them shipped from Maine. You can purchase them online at Bobs nuts and candy.com I know it's been awhile but I hope you check this once in awhile.

                      1. Thanks for the information about Bob's, I ordered 2 pounds today and I can't wait to get them. I love regular pistachios, but they don't compare to the salt encrusted ones the same way the salt covered pumpkin seeds are my preference.



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                          Will you let us know how you like them? I love pistachios and have never heard of these type before but am now eager to try them.

                          1. re: jlhinwa

                            I order these white pistachios several times a year. They are excellent. I get them at:

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                              I am in heaven, I received my Pistachios today in their nice white salt covered glory. I have looked for years and have Googled for several years and finally I have my prize!

                              Thank you DSW and others who posted Bob's URL, which I have book marked and I hope he continues to carry them.

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                                Okay, Photocrazy, may I please know where you bought them from?

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                                  I am with you Photo Crazy, I have been looking for yrs. Thought I would never see them again. I am in Heaven also...lol

                            2. Here's what I've heard. Hope it's not too late to reply, but I found this today. Iran holds the patent on making the salt encrusted pistacios. When the US and other countries set up the embargo against them, the US stopped allowing their products to be brought into the country. If you have since found someone who sells them, let me know.

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                                  I've been looking for these for years. Even if you don't suck the salt off the shell, the nut still tastes different from the natural salted ones. Oh, and they are California pistachios I believe so they aren't effected by the Iran embargo. Turkish and Israeli pistachios are available and good, depending on each year's harvest quality. I get Turkish from Zenobia: nutsonthenet.com

                                  I will order the salt encrusted ones from Bob's. I used to get them from Buddy Squirrel Nut Shops but they've all shut down except for the 3 Milwaukee stores.

                              1. I also ordered these white Pistachio's from Bob's. They are just the way I remembered them They are so good. Have not seen the since my teenage yrs & I'm 55 now, all these yrs I have looked for the on & off. I was so thrilled to have found the again. Awesome!

                                1. We sell white pistachios in my store, called Half Nuts. They are heavy on the salt, and the goodness!