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Jul 1, 2009 11:44 AM

Best Tailgate Food in Grand Rapids, MI

I am travelling to Grand Rapids,MI in a few weeks for an outdoor concert at Frederik Meijer Garden on Beltline Road ( We plan to tailgate in the parking lot prior to the concert and are looking for some already prepared food (no onsite cooking or grilling for us). Does anyone know of a good place for takeout in close proximity to Meijer Gardens?

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  1. The Meijer store across the street just a bit down the road (Knapp Corner) has plenty of to-go options. It is one of the biggest (and nicest) in the chain.

    1. Right across Beltline is Famous Dave's, a barbecue place (chain) that does carryout, if you don't want to put together an al fresco meal at Meijer's.