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Jul 1, 2009 11:01 AM

need quick high protein lunch ideas please

i'm trying to eat more lean protein/less processed foods. I've been doing okay with breakfast with egg whites and oatmeal but when it comes to lunch sometimes I just don't have time to make a salad with chicken....are there any recipes out there other than a green salad with meat?

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  1. Laab made with chicken or turkey
    Tofu salad
    Dubu kimchi
    Turkey kheema on lentils
    Bean salad

    1. A great sandwich with fresh spinach, chopped walnuts and cream cheese (brie), apples and fresh peaches. On a great honey nut bread. Makes a great sandwich.

      Pan sauteed chick peas with fresh veggies and spinach in a pita and cheese makes a great protein lunch

      1. lettuce wraps with any combination of meats/cheeses desired.

        celery w/ peanut butter or cream cheese or any soft, spreadable cheese

        1. a can of sardines. Cheap, high in protein and OM3

          1. Cottage cheese is always good to have on hand for a protein fix.

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              There's a thread somewhere in Home Cooking that I started for ideas on how to keep cottage cheese interesting when I was eating a lot of it for my protein fix.