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need quick high protein lunch ideas please

i'm trying to eat more lean protein/less processed foods. I've been doing okay with breakfast with egg whites and oatmeal but when it comes to lunch sometimes I just don't have time to make a salad with chicken....are there any recipes out there other than a green salad with meat?

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  1. Laab made with chicken or turkey
    Tofu salad
    Dubu kimchi
    Turkey kheema on lentils
    Bean salad

    1. A great sandwich with fresh spinach, chopped walnuts and cream cheese (brie), apples and fresh peaches. On a great honey nut bread. Makes a great sandwich.

      Pan sauteed chick peas with fresh veggies and spinach in a pita and cheese makes a great protein lunch

      1. lettuce wraps with any combination of meats/cheeses desired.

        celery w/ peanut butter or cream cheese or any soft, spreadable cheese

        1. a can of sardines. Cheap, high in protein and OM3

          1. Cottage cheese is always good to have on hand for a protein fix.

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              There's a thread somewhere in Home Cooking that I started for ideas on how to keep cottage cheese interesting when I was eating a lot of it for my protein fix.

            2. I made lentil burgers and blackbean burgers last night for a BBQ this weekend. Both were very simple and quick to make and high in protein, low in fat. I put the patties onto a cookie sheet and then froze each patty individually so that i can just throw them on the grill one-by-one as needed.

              1. Big bowl of edamamme, you can buy them frozen and thaw them for 3 mins in microwave, or heat them for 3 mins in microwave depending on how you prefer them.

                It can get boring after a few days in a row for lunch, but it's definitely good for a once-a-week rotation.

                1. In a pinch (and a hurry) I've been known to just open a can of tuna, dump it on a plate, and chow it down for lunch. Can't get much quicker and higher protein than that. If I have a few more seconds I'll add a sliced granny smith apple on the side.

                  Of course, I only buy Italian imported tuna in oil so it's not the lowest fat option, but it sure tastes good!

                  1. nuts, seeds, nut butter, hummus, beans, lentils, Sunshine burgers...

                    1. Quick, high in protein and tasty: Sprinkle a pork chop with salt, pepper garlic powder, paprika and cumin. While it is cooking drain a can of chickpeas and dress it with a little sliced of minced onion, cumin, salt, pepper and lemon juice and if you want a bit of plain yogurt or sour cream. A piece of fruit, sliced cucumbers, radishes, etc. and a piece of bread makes this a meal.

                      Seafood cooks quickly, so a fillet of sole or slice of salmon takes almost no time.

                      I frequently have left over brown rice and like to fry it with onions, celery and leftover meat. Takes 5 minutes.

                      1. Edamame salad (use frozen shelled edamame, super fast to make)
                        "Fajitas without Tortillas" - leftover grilled steak or chicken, sliced peppers & onions, avocado in a lettuce wrap (add salsa and hot sauce to taste)

                        Also, try making soups & freezing them. I use the Ziploc containers with screw-on lids and a 2-c block of frozen soup keeps itself cold in an insulated lunch bag. A few high protein soups I love are:
                        Chicken Tortilla (chipotle peppers in adobo sauce are an essential ingredient)
                        Beef Veggie (flank steak or brisket works well)
                        Mulligatawny made with brown rice

                        IMHO pasta and potatoes do not fare well in frozen soups, but rice, corn, and barley do just fine.