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Jul 1, 2009 10:47 AM

Bulk buying in Calgary

I found a place in the plaza @ 415 9737 McLeod Tr( across from WalmartI that sells just about everything food related in bulk. Its called Weigh2go, everything I bought(nuts, spices,flour) was very fresh. At last a alternative to the stale junk they sell at SStore and Safeways bulk bins....I was impressed, its good to be able to buy just what you need instead of having to buy pricey jars of spices . You can bring your own containers also.

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  1. Thanks cckid I like the fact that I can bring my own containers... makes a lot more sence than hauling home a bunch of plastic bags or buying new containers. :)

    1. Thanks for the heads up. Their website lists a nicely lengthy list of product, so I will become a regular. That it is nearby seals the deal.

      I will differ with you on SStore, while their bulk offering is lesser, I've never found it to be "stale junk", and in fact quite the contrary. Can't comment on Safeway, it is generally too pricey for my liking.

      1. Great find, thanks, but what crappy hours! How is a grocery store closed Sundays??

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          I expect that, as with many small businesses, the owners are the only employees and want a day off.

          Business-wise though, I agree, it would be better to take Monday off rather than Sunday, but hey, some people go to church.

            1. re: John Manzo


              New Mexico?

              Nautical Mile?

        2. AND as a bonus the owners are working on labelling all the bins in terms of food allergies. GF, etc.

          1. I stopped in to this shop this afternoon and was so pleased that I did. The owners were very pleasant to chat with. The selection is outstanding and the prices are very affordable. I picked up quite a few different things to try and I will be going back. Their wall of spices is amazingly complete.

            It is a wonderful place for the south end of the city. Well worth checking out!