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Jul 1, 2009 10:10 AM

Ice Cream Spices

I was putting salt and pepper on vanilla ice cream and started wondering what other spice combination would taste good. Chili powder on chocolate was good. I'd love to try some suggestions.

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  1. Nutmeg is great on just about any basic ice cream flavor like chocolate or vanilla.

    1. ginger or Chinese five-spice on vanilla or chocolate. cinnamon is great on either one too.

      and though it's not technically a "spice," balsamic vinegar on vanilla or strawberry.

      1. Cardamom, saffon and/or cinammon are good on vanilla
        Sesame, cinnamon, and/or chilies are good on chocolate
        Ginger is good on berries

        1. Thank you for the great ideas. The cardamom and cinammon are great. Haven't tried the rest just yet but I'll get to them soon. Please keep the great ideas coming.

          1. I had recently bought a mango and curry gelato that was really tasty! Similar sensation to a chocolate/chili ice cream, with the burn from the curry mixed with the coolness of the icecream.

            I also had a grapefruit and star anise soda today that I thought was a great combination. How about making a sorbet with those flavours?