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Jul 1, 2009 09:51 AM

Late-night eats?

My wife and I arrive in New Orleans tomorrow around 10 pm after a long couple of flights. Plan is to hustle straight over to Vaughn's to catch Kermit Ruffins. By the time we're finished, I figure we'll be starving. The question: What are our options for getting some decent food after 2-3 a.m.? Are there options? We'll have a car (staying near airport actually...hitting NOLA for just a couple days, going to beach at Gulf Shores for a week then back to New Orleans for a real visit for five days after that...expect more questions later), so location isn't a huge deal. We're not looking for anything fancy, just some options for a decent late-night bite to kick off our vacation.

Also locals: In your opinion, is it safe to park/walk in that part of Bywater or are we better off parking and cabbing it from Quarter or CBD?


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  1. (dunno if youre aware but last i heard Kermit has upped his schedule to starting at 9pm instead of the prior 11pm)

    i always find myself eating his beans & rice. not only does it help offset the high $10 cover, but they are actually the best beans in town, due to a damn near whole hog stewing in there.

    but if not, then Mimi's is the next logical choice -- late-nite tapas, sometimes till 4am. they are dear to me but i am disappointed by the rising prices and shrinking portions.

    for cheap eats, Hank's Seafood has a foot-long hot sausage poboy on decent bread for 5 bucks that cant be beat. bunch other fried stuff too (its a convenience store).

    parking safety at Vaughn's is fine, its not the hood; my friends and i walk to & from our homes in the area.

    Mimi's In the Marigny
    2601 Royal St, New Orleans, LA 70117

    Hank's Seafood
    2634 Saint Claude Ave, New Orleans, LA

    1. I would be comfortable walking from my car to Vaughn's, but as it is anywhere in NOLA, simply be cautious. +1 for Mimi's, or you could try Clover Grill in the Quarter. They are open 24 hours, but Mimi's has much better food and easier parking.

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        Thanks much, folks. Just the kind of info we were looking for.

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          The omelets at Clover Grill are insanely good.