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Jul 1, 2009 09:45 AM

Lunch near Bryant Park for 6 people

My group at work is going out for lunch to celebrate a co workers up coming nuptials. We want a place with in a 10 minute walk of 42nd bwtn 5th & 6th. The total cost will be ~ $20-25 per head. The bride to be is a vegetarian. She eats eggs and dairy. She loves mexican, asian and italian but we are open to other cuisines. Please don't say the BP Grill as we've been before. Also I'm not looking for a vegetarian restaurant but a restaurant where all of our different taste buds will be happy.

Your suggestions are appreciated. Thanks CH!!

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  1. Cinema Cafe, HB Burger or Naples 45. Butterfield 8 also has a lunch special.

    1. I haven't been there for a while because I no longer work in that neighborhood but I would suggest Simply Pasta on 41st (just west of 6th). Large menu with something for everyone. The pastas and pizzas are actually quite good. It's reasonably priced and they take reservations.

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        I've been fairly happy with Simply Pasta too - I work nearby and we often go for team lunches (easy for groups, prices are very reasonable). I think the food is good; it's not going to blow your mind but it would work well for the event the OP is having.

        1. there are some good japanese spots in the n'hood that could work. sapporo i believe is one. i have never been but figaro is near by.

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              thanks for the suggestion but i imagein Koi would go well over my $20pp a head total price point. i know there has to be better options for us.

          1. Perhaps Akdeniz , a Turkish restaurant on 46 St may fit the occassion & they have a $22 prix fixe.