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Jul 1, 2009 09:39 AM

Jury Duty 09

I don't see a recent post about where to eat lunch during jury duty. The inevitable is approaching and mealtime can be a bright spot in a dreary day. Any suggestions? I'm open to anything nearby and good. I love Malaysian.

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  1. I just had the pleasure of serving for Jury Duty. I had lunch at Bouley Upstairs and Landmarc. Honestly I wish I had picked something other than Bouley. I ordered a lobster salad. Way over dressed, the supremed citrus was covered in pith. I also had a creme brulee and a bottle of water and spent about 50$. A waste of $. Good luck.

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        I haven't had lunch at Bouley Upstairs, but I really like Bouley Market or whatever they're calling the takeout space next door, for lunch. The sandwiches are generous with good ingredients, even if they're not made to order, and the seating is convenient if you're escaping court. The sweets, pastries, and coffee are all very good, too.

        Nha Trang (87 Baxter) is a standby for Vietnamese, and even thought it is far from charming, I like Tasty Dumpling (54 Mulberry) for the hot and sour soup as well as the dumplings (but not the shrimp ones). Another nearby option that's less likely to turn up on the chinatown posts is Farinella Pizza (90 Worth), which has delicious and interesting slices of thin crust pizza as well as good coffee.

      2. get a Bahn Mi sandwich from one of the original Chinatown places that had them before the recent craze.

        1. for very good Vietnamese, try Pho Viet Huang on Mulberry St, between Bayard and Canal.

          1. Hop Kee for dumplings, roast duck chow fun, salted squid with hot peppers and crabs chinese style. Also good is peking pork chop and get chinese broccoli with garlic.

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              Will second the recommendation for Hop Kee, and add that their crisp, pan-fried flounder, pork chow fun and the crabs (or snails) in black bean sauce are also fabulous.

              Hop Kee
              21 Mott St, New York, NY 10013

            2. There's actually a great Malaysian place right in the jailhouse, on the Baxter Street side. It's called Jaya. Try their special "medicinal" soup!