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Coca-Cola "Hecho en Mexico" in Charlotte or Durham?

I am trying to find a source for coca-cola made in Mexico. I moved the Charlotte recently from Houston, where it was available. It comes in 500ml glass bottles and will say "Hecho en Mexico" (made in Mexico) on the bottle. The Mexican coca-cola is made with cane sugar while the U.S.-made coca-cola uses high fructose corn syrup. The Mexican version has a slightly sweeter taste than US version and tastes like the coca-cola I remember having as a kid back in the 60s. In Houston, a 500ml bottle sold for $1.49, but it was worth it to me.

I contacted the Charlotte Coca-Cola distributor and they said they did not bring the Mexican into the market. At a Compare market at N. Tryon and Sugar Creek, I found coca-cola made in Costa Rica and Pepsi made in some other country whose name I forget. I gave them a try and they were not the same. I'm hoping there is a a supply coming into the market from another source for Mexican stores and markets that someone might know about. I will be going to Durham several times in the next few weeks. Maybe there is a source there.

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  1. I have seen it at Common Market and at Laurel Market. Common Market has two locations-- one at Commonwealth, near Thomas Ave. in Plaza-Midwood, and another in SouthEnd, on Camden across the street from Phat Burrito. Laurel Market also has two locations-- one on Cherokee Rd., near Providence in Eastover, the other on South Blvd. in SouthEnd. I have only seen them avaialble in single bottles.

    1. My local Fresh Market carries it. (the one in Cary) You might want to call around and see if one in Durham has it.

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        I bought some at the Costco in Raleigh last month. I believe that they have it at the Durham Costco as well.

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          The Costco in Durham doesn't carry it (I looked again this past weekend), but if the one in Raleigh does, I'll have to make a trip there next time.

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            I saw them at the Raleigh Costco this evening. They were priced $18.49 for 24/12 oz. glass bottles.

      2. The company that owned the Cariceria La Mexicana chain was bringing it in to stock in their stores. Since the stores have closed or changed hands, I'm not sure if they're still stocking it. But I would have expected to find it at Compare.

        1. I've seen it in any one of the numerous taquerias here in Durham. also, in Mexican convenience stores. The one closest to me, for example, carries it for sure:

          Tienda La Favorita‎
          4226 Garrett Rd # C, Durham, NC‎
          (919) 489-5506

          1. Most of the taquerias and Mexican Restaurants along South Blvd. here in Charlotte carry the Made in Mexico Coke, made with real sugar. I agree it does taste better, cleaner and more coke like than the US coke. Typically the food is really great too.

            1. Durham
              Don Jose on the corner of Club and Roxboro.
              The Kroger at Patterson Place has it in the Mexican foods section with the Jarritos. It's $1.79 a bottle though

              1. most Kroger grocery stores carry mexican coke in their "ethnic foods" aisle.

                1. I found it in Rocky Mount, but the ingredients include HFCS. It was in a Latino store and each bottle had the big, yellow imported sticker on it. I had also heard they were made with cane sugar so i decided to seek them out, but found that not to be true once i found the product. Go for a Jones instead.

                  In case anyone is interested, it is a Latino market at the intersection of sunset avenue and old carriage road in rocky mount, nc. they were in a cold box to the left of the register, by the door.

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                    When I did a story on Coke from Mexico several years ago, I was told that you do have to read the labels carefully. Not all plants in Mexico use cane syrup. However, another option I forgot to mention is Kosher Mart in Charlotte. They stock Coke that is kosher for Passover, so isn't made with corn syrup. I don't know how much of a supply they continue to carry after Passover, but since this has gotten to be a popular option, they might stock it all year. It's worth checking. If you're looking for other non-HFCS products, Kosher brands often are an option.

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                      This is an excellent recommendation, Kosher Mart is now called Gleiberman's Kosher Mart & Restaurant. Located at 862 International Dr, Charlotte - (704) 563-8288.
                      web site ---- www.gleibermans.com They stock many items you just cannot find anywhere else in Charlotte. Just one item to interest yankees is the old favorite Fox-U-Bet Chocolate syrup. A must for making a proper egg cream and also a full line of Dr. Brown soda. Some swear by the Celray flavor???

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                        Re: Cel-Ray. That would include me -- nothing goes better with pastrami than "Jewish champagne." My happiness is now even more complete since they've started stocking it at the Sandwich Club up the street from my office. Not to take anything away from the Gleiberman brothers, it just means I get to indulge more often.

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                          GFL - I'm confused. Gleiberman's has been called Gleiberman's for as long as I can remember. is Kosher Mart something different?

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                            True the owners have been called Gleiberman for as long as they remember. .
                            Jeff Gleiberman opened his first store, the Kosher Mart, off Independence Boulevard in December 1990. When they relocated to the current location they changed the name to Gleiberman's Kosher Mart & Restaurant.

                    2. Compare Foods Supermarkets. There are 4 in Charlotte and 2 in Durham. All of them have imported Coca-Cola.

                      1. Both Compare Supermarkets in Durham carry it