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Jul 1, 2009 09:14 AM

Passion Fruit Juice

I love the stuff and used to buy Looza brand passion fruit juice at my local grocery but have been told they've discontinued that flavor from their line. Now that I've started hunting for alternatives I'm not finding ANY passion fruit juice at all, having checked a number of stores in my area (Seattle). Wondering if hounds in other parts of the country are seeing passion fruit juice on grocery shelves, or maybe there's a severe shortage I just haven't heard about? Planned to include it as an ingredient in a recipe for publication, but now thinking twice if it's going to be near impossible to find. I know some tropical (often frozen) juice combos may include passion fruit but those tend to also be rather sweet and lose the pure character of the fruit. Meanwhile, I'll continue with the sleuthing, maybe going off the beaten track a bit.

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  1. I've seen a few bottled brands at Whole Foods.

    1. I have a 'slab' of passion fruit pulp in the freezer, Goya brand from Columbia, which I bought from Plaza Latina, a small Latino shop in Shoreline (N of Seattle), 99/Aurora and 172 (more or less). The Latino shop in Pike Place is a likely candidate for a similar item. Sometimes it's imported from Brazil.

      This Seattle blogger
      claims she found fresh fruit at Uwajimaya

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        Thanks, I'll check those spots out. I do occasionally see fresh fruit around town, a delicious treat but bit of a fiddle to get enough juice for some recipes.

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          I think Uwajimaya had them when I was there a couple of weeks ago. Unfortunately they are usually about $3 each.

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          Just made some passionfruit juice using frozen pulp this weekend. It's sold as "maracuy√°." Tastes so much better than the canned stuff. You can add as much or as little sugar as you want. Not sure about Seattle, but it's in all the supermarkets here in Miami (and in Latin markets in NYC).
          Welch's passion fruit juice cocktail (I don't remember what other juices it has -- grape, apple, pear?) is also good. It's sold in the refrigerated juices section of grocery stores. Sounds like you would find it too sweet though.

        3. dang, i love those "looza" fruit juices. passionfruit is discontinued? bummer!!!!
          goya has that flavor, but nowhere near the quality of the looza.

 online, brazilian sourced-fruit

          ceres brand...

          1. I buy the Goya cans and bottles all the time, they're available in every supermarket here in NY in the aisle with the "Spanish" and other ethnic foods. You might have to turn the bottle around, one side says "Passion Fruit" and the other side says "Maracuya".

            1. Check out "Perfect Puree of Napa Valley" (Culinary Traditions). If you know anyone who owns a restaurant, you might be able to get it through them at wholesale, but if not, you can either order it directly, order it through Amazon ($25 for a 30oz container...BUT, it's a whopping $30 for shipping if you order 3, $40 ADDITIONAL ($70 Total) if you order less then 3 (so obviously, don't bother!)'ll probably want to order it in bulk), or surf their website to see if a local retailer sells the "Retail Size" (15oz jar). This stuff is the closest to the real thing, The reason shipping is so expensive is because they'll only ship overnight, since it's frozen (you'll also want to consider the weather when you order. Not a good idea to order during a heatwave! ';-)) I use it to make Marg's and Daiquiri's with my Daiquiri Whacker (Google it!) Enjoy!