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Jul 1, 2009 08:55 AM

Emerald Isle, NC for July 4th weekend

Making our usual trip to EI for the Holiday, Will try the Big Oak Dner that was either closed or too crowded when we went last year, will probably reroute thru Morehead City to eat at Els on the way home. Any place decent for a seafood dinner in EI?

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  1. Just returned from EI and, as usual, was underwhelmed by the restaurant selection. Best meals eaten out were the Big Oak Diner for a shrimpburger lunch and Yana's for brunch after kayaking. Our best dinners are usually purchased at Cap'n Willis and grilled back at the house...

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      Big Oak Drive In was outstanding for its shrimp burger, had another good one on the way home at Els in Morehead City.
      Had lunch one day at Jordans and it was so so at best. My brother in law likes Rucker Johns which we ate at on Friday night, it is a chain but they did my rare tuna sandwhich just fine, much better than Jordans. had a good biscuit at the BP Coastal Mart.