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Store bought barbeque sauce

I'm doing some ribs this weekend, and I'm wondering which store bought barbeque sauce people like. I do have a batch of homemade stuff that I made last year, but I want to experiment with other flavors.

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  1. Granted, this is coming from a Northeasterner but I'm partial to Sweet Baby Ray's BBQ sauce. http://www.sweetbabyrays.com/

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      Sweet Baby Ray's is the only one for me, too. It's the perfect combination of tang and sweet and I like that they don't try to recreate hickory flavor with additives than invariably taste chemically.

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        Sweet Baby Ray's seem to have several varieties. Any favorites of these?

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            Ditto - original makes a great rib sauce.

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              Count me as another for original. Hot and spicy isn't bad but it doesn't have much of a kick.

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                Hickory Brown Sugar. It's the best sauce that comes out of a grocery store.


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              Recently, my local supermarket had Sweet Baby Ray's on sale for $1.49, so I decided to give it a try for some Barbecued Chicken.....and I must say I was pleasantly surprised and pleased with the product. I don't generally purchase bbq sauce often, but I definitely would purchase this brand again.

              Commercially, one of the places I was associated with used Ken's Cannonball BBQ Sauce. I thought that was a great product as well.....and they make SBR's.


            3. if you're truly set against making your own, i'd avoid commercial products that contain smoke flavoring. i think it almost always tastes bitter.

              1. SBR's is a fine commercial sauce, nothing to be ashamed of at all. I know some professional teams that actually use it is competition, so there's and endorsement for ya. One thing to do is to buy the basic flavor of an SBR, Cattleman's is another well respected commercial--then add to it to meet your taste. Buy a bottle or two and try adding additional galric powder, cumin, cayenne, chili powder, paprika, etc. Or well diced and smashed onion, garlic, jalepeno peppers, brown sugar, etc. In time I bet you find a combo that becomes "yours".

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                  Great idea!

                  I used SBR when making pulled pork in the slow cooker for the Super Bowl. I followed a recipe and added chili powder, mustard powder, hot sauce and brown sugar and it added great flavor but I haven't done it when making simple BBQ chicken. I'll have to remember to do that next time!

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                    I could take a gallon bottle of Cattleman's Barbecue sauce, and show you how to use it as a base for 6 different sauces that several barbecue restaurants use a variation of.

                2. If you are in an area where they sell Famous Dave's sauces give them a try. I especially like the one named, "Devil's Spit" on grilled chicken. There is something about that incendiary sauce on mild chicken that is just the bomb.

                  We also like Sweet Baby Ray's, Kraft, Open Pit, Jack Daniel's, and other sauces for their unique qualities.

                  1. In parts of Looziana we usually use Jack Miller's as a starting point. It's really good as is but, if you add garlic and a few other personal touches, well, you can make it your own. If you wish to change it..add sugar...might be more Texas that way.

                    1. Cattlemen's is about the best bottled available generally. Other locales will have special sauces but you can't find them outside a small radius.

                      1. I don't mind when I buy a store bought brand but I always jazz it up. I buy a regular brand. I add diced jalapenos, or chipoltes, I add brown sugar, sometimes, orange marmalade, sometimes scallions or shallots or even soy and ginger. It depends what type of flavor you want. Bourbon and mango puree with lots of garlic and ginger makes a great sauce to a store bought sauce. Soy, garlic, ginger, cilantro, red pepper flakes a little mustard, orange juice and honey makes a great asian flavored sauce. Lots of other flavors are great as well.

                        I do this all the time and love the different flavors I can get with a very simple bottle of sauce. I do make my own, but when I don't have time, I use a few refrigerated items, mix and brush on. It does work and it is pretty darn good.

                        FYI, love Sweet Baby Rays for a store bought.

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                            You mean my masterpiece sauce, just kidding.

                            I couldn't resist. Yes KC in the sore is not bad as well. I usually keep a jar of one of those on hand sometimes just to mix in with other sauces or when I just want 1 BBQ breast for me in a hurry. Nothing wrong with it.

                          2. A couple of weeks ago, peaches were a bit of a topic. That weekend, I was shopping at Central Market and came across a bottle of Peach Pecan BBQ sauce by Fredericksburg Farms. By itself, it has a bit of heat with a mild sweetness. I couldn't wait to try it on some grilled chicken that night. Unfortunately, I was non-plused with the finished result.

                            Last night I grilled some thick cut, bone in pork-chops and used the sauce as a glaze about 5 min. before removing them. I finished them with a light brush of it and set them aside to cool (it has been 100+ in these parts) while I assembled the salad. Oh my gosh - to be sure, I will be buying this stuff by the gallons in the future.

                            Its made for pork!

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                                Yeah! Stubb's is the best bottled sauce I've tasted. It has a lot of flavor depth and a nice background heat to it.

                                Sweet Baby Ray's is not bad, probably the best mass-market sauce. I think it really improves with the addition of apple cider vinegar, chopped garlic and cayenne pepper.

                              2. I like Blue front bbq sauce the hot one spicy sweet tangy good combo,however sweet baby rays is great on grilled pinapple and jicama and corn

                                1. Dinosaur is very good. I used to conduct taste tests for a large grocery and this one beat the others by a large margin!

                                  1. When I don't make my own, I usually use KC Masterpiece. I have never seen Sweet Baby Ray's. I'll have to watch for it.

                                    1. The buzz seems to be all about Sweet Baby Ray's. I've *always* made my own sauce (from a Prudhomme recipe). I just think bottled sauces are too cloyingly sweet, and that applies (for me) to KC Masterpiece. But then, I don't much care for "barbecue sauce."

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                                        The thing is, I like cloyingly sweet. I will admit that the sweetness of the KC style sauces are too much for me though.