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Jul 1, 2009 08:10 AM

Happy Canada Day!!!! Canadian Food Uhh!!!

I know that throngs of people are now and about to enjoy Canada Day. Many have already started no doubt with a breakfast outing, planning meals at home which will probably lead to a picnic outing, barbecuing, etc. I am hoping to go out and do a Canadian, thinking what restauant etc. Now with Canada Day, ironic as it is and Canadians being from all over the world, no doubt many people of various cultures will frequent restaurants of all cuisines. While I am awake and awaiting a late sleeper from a long working shift, I am contemplating an outing, ???? --- I'd love to hear from your Canadian Canada Day special food event, with what can only be the Canada of old. Maybe a trip to a Country sideroad dinner, a picnic, etc. Responses I'm looking for are not such as I of Ukrainian/Polish heritage, went to a Polish restauant. I'm sure there will be many interesting experiences to tell!!

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  1. The original comment has been removed