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Jul 1, 2009 08:06 AM

Favorite dishes at T-Rex

There's no very current topic about T-Rex in general so I'll start a new one.

T-Rex Barbeque
1300 10th St, Berkeley, CA 94710

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  1. New dish worth a visit: pan-roasted artichoke with herb aioli ($7), listed as a side dish but really more of an appetizer. This is one of my favorite artichoke dishes ever, up there with the whole deep-fried ones in Rome. The delicious dipping sauce is so light that it's hard to believe it's a conventional aioli. I'm usually too lazy to eat more than a dozen leaves but I polished off my half.

    We pretty much always order a full slab of ribs to share (and have lots left over to take home) with (not very) spicy sauce on the side. Though more often than not we decide to go there because we're in the mood for the seasonal vegetable sides such as the curried cauliflower (one of my favorites dishes on the currently starch-heavy menu).

    At happy hour, I pretty much always order the devilled eggs.

    As amusing as chicken-fried bacon sounds, this was less than the sum of its parts.

    1. This may sound odd, but it isn't their bbq that does it for me, it's their salads. The dungeness crab salad with green goddess dressing is the one I order the most, but the mixed greens with apple, candied pecans, and feta is also very nice. They are always incredibly fresh, nice ingredients, well dressed.

      Other than that, whatever oysters are on offer.

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        That crab green goddess is great. It's ironic to go to a BBQ place for vegetables, but there's Berkeley for you.

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          I love that crab salad. I also really like their fried oysters. The BLT I had recently fell apart and didn't taste like much. I shouldn't have ordered it.

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            I've never had the fried oysters, but will have to try them out. The ones on the half shell are always so sweet and briny, and that cucumber-habanero mignonette is just great.

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            Ditto - my go-to meal at T-Rex is the Crab Salad + The Other Burger accompanied by the Bloody Mary. I get the deviled eggs if there is someone to share with, and the coffee custard (comes with the beignets) during brunch, occasionally. I was a huge fan of Belma Buckett's cornbread up until about a year ago, but wonder if they're using a different type of honey now, it doesn't soak into the cornbread quite the way it used to.

          3. Does T-Rex still serve the $5 grilled burgers at lunch, outside?

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              No, but they do offer a $5 "outside burger" inside on the regular menu. Smaller than the regular burger, with white cheddar and no side dish (like fries). They offered a happy hour special of the outside burger and a half pint of PBR for $5 for a while.
              Love the crab salad and the beignets with coffee custard.

              1. re: ML8000

                They've got a permit posted for improvements to the outside area.

              2. The lamb burger with their fantastic potato salad! Yummie!


                1. Their smoked half-chicken is the reason I finally bought my own smoker--so delicious. They used to serve it with stone-ground grits, which I loved, but more recently they switched to mashed potatoes. The $5 "outside" burger is the perfect size for me, plus then we can order a side of the totally decadent mac-n-cheese. And I agree with Robert on the cauliflower and deviled eggs. The lightly dressed watercress that accompanies the eggs is usually all the salad I need at T-Rex.

                  Service, on the other hand, is not so satisfying, but probably that's a topic best reserved for another thread.

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                    Service varies. I rarely see the same server there twice, which surely has something to do with it. But the food comes promptly.