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Paris 4th

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Wondering if there are any suggestions for bistro-type places in the 4th. Last year we stayed in the 6th and hit places like La Ferrandaise and La Maree Verte and really enjoyed them. (Love the old ocean liner theme in LMV) Looking for that ilk in the 4th, if possible.

Familiar with Benoit, Bofinger and Mon Vieil Ami, but looking for something more like the 2 I mentioned in the 6th. Thanks!

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  1. I had quite a satisfying dinner at Le Gaigne in May. Very small, calm and a bit quiet, so if you're looking for a lively atmosphere...no. I'm not sure the ambience is akin to what you say you're looking for. However, the food is good and the menu is a good value. Maybe check it out while you're there and if you like what you see reserve.


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      Quite right; Le Gaigne is great.