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Jul 1, 2009 08:02 AM

Two nights in Dallas


I live in New Orleans and I will be driving to Dallas soon to stay for two nights. We are staying downtown right near Union Station. Digression: I'm actually driving there just to go to the Korean day spa -- King Sauna. I'm from NYC originally and I really miss the Korean bath houses in the NYC area. I looked and looked and found a branch of my favorite one from NYC, right in Dallas, 8 hours drive away from me! Exciting. If you have never been and you like steam rooms, hot tubs, saunas, and also real Korean food, I HIGHLY recommend you Dallas folks go there. It's definitely different from anything else found in the U.S.

So anyhow I am looking for places to eat in Dallas. Any recommendations? It would be good to find someplace reasonable -- like close to or less than $100 for two people including a glass of wine each and maybe dessert, if this is possible.

For the more upscale, I like places that serve local, fresh ingredients or specialize in that type of cuisine, although I just like food, so anything is possible.

However, I am also very open to locally known places, doesn't need to be fancy or upscale at all, could be a hole in the wall or a BBQ place. I eat anything and everything and I like to explore new cities and their cuisine, from the high to the low scale.

I've never ever been to Dallas so I'm really open. My only limit is that since I'm spending $ to dirve to a new city to stay in a hotel just to get a sauna and a body scrub... well, I don't want to spend a ton of money eating out.

Dallas folks, give me your best ideas.


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  1. Will you be here on a friday/saturday night? Potager in Arlington fits the affordable (depending on what you pay) and local qualifications and it should be a pretty short drive if you avoid rush hour.

    Otherwise I also suggest going to Hatties, or really any of the restaurants around the Bishop Arts District in Oak Cliff, there are many options there. Type that into a search and you should see plenty of results.

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      I won't be there on a Fri or Sat -- but I read about Potager and it sounds really great, so I may try to go for lunch. Thanks!

    2. So if you're going to drive the 8 hours to Dallas, you may as well drive another 30 minutes and take in Ft Worth as well - and to that end, I'd recommend Nonna Tata for some excellent homemade pastas and other Italian entrees, antipastos and desserts ..... AND it's BYOW/B - so you can save a buck or 2 on that deal and put it toward one of her exceptionally rich desserts - lunch or dinner, but closed from 3:00 - 5:30. Also, very small and very limited seating.

      I could elaborate in great detail, but if you google it, there is an absolute incredible number of reviews to be found.

      Warning, warning >>>> cash or check only. Also, closed on Sat, Sun and Mon.