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Jul 1, 2009 07:30 AM

Good eats in Toronto, Chinatown

I was recently in Toronto's Chinatown on a rainy day. My family and I were hungry, so we headed over to House of Gourmet on Dundas Street. I think this restaurant is known for being one of the cleaner restaurants in the Chinatown area. The establishment certainly looked clean... the room was spacious and everything felt very open. My mom and grandma had various types of congee, while I, as a vegetarian, ordered the salt pepper tofu and a bowl of rice. Although it looked plain, I was surprised at the flavour of the salt pepper tofu. Too often, the salt pepper tofu I've tried is basically just deep fried tofu with very little salt pepper flavour, but the one at House of Gourmet had a very distinct and pleasant taste. There was also some small red chili in the mix, which added a nice and light spiciness to the dish.

Are there any other good (and relatively clean-looking) restaurants like this in the Chinatown area? I used to visit Bo De Duyen (the Chinese vegetarian restaurant on Spadina), but it closed down and I'm not even sure where/if it has relocated somewhere else.

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  1. +1 for House of Gourmet! It is pretty clean and their food is great. Been loving the cha siu and soya sauce chicken on rice lately! But sadly have not gone in a while due to the garbage strike :(

    1. E-Pan is a very nice, clean restaurant. I'm sure they would have plenty of vegetarian options.

      369 Spadina Ave, Toronto, ON M5T 2G3, CA

      1. Kom Jug Yuen at Spadina and st. Andrew, Best Chinese in the city hands down (cantonese). Not the cleanest, but most certainly the best tasting. For those that don't agree, go back, there are different chefs and sometimes isn't as good as others.
        For veggies:
        Crispy tofu, mixed vegetables on fried noodles....Vegetarian singapore noodles... omg so many options... Been eating there for 27 years and I would go everyday if I could!

        1. New Sky and Rol San are my go to spots. Got to try House of Gourmet and Kom Jug though!

          New Sky
          353 Spadina Ave, Toronto, ON M5T2G3, CA

          Rol San
          323 Spadina Ave, Toronto, ON M5T2E9, CA

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            I like kings noodle on spadina just north of dundas. It is always busy. Huge menu.

            1. re: pancake

              I second that; King's Noodle is our choice when we walk over there as well. They serve dim sum all day; I love the pork dumplings, so flavorful.

              King's Noodle House
              296 Spadina Ave, Toronto, ON M5T, CA

          2. I normally don't deviate too much from Swatow's. I used go to a spot called "Excellence", because they had some appealing Dinner for Four deals...and it sounded great after a late night out 'n about. At Swatow's, I like the Sweet and Sour chicken (tastes like candy), and the black bean sauce beef. They do try to rush you out at times in order to increase turnover...I wasn't a huge fan of that part of it.