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Jul 1, 2009 07:28 AM

Lakeshore Drive

Coming to Chicago this weekend. Looking for places where there is likely to be an 35+ crowd for apps and drinks.

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  1. check out the Viagara triangle (bounded by Rush, State, and Chicago). bunch of restaurants and bars there where the cougars hang out.

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      1. re: gls_junk

        Bear in mind that the Viagra Triangle didn't get it's name from cougars. They're a more recent iteration. It's the old guys on the make that give it its true character.

        For drinks and apps I (yes, over 35), lean to the wine bars: Webster, Vola, Bin and Bin 36, Randolph Wine Cellar, Pops, etc.

      2. Entertaining replies thus far! I'd suggest the Kerryman (river north), Hub 51 (downtown) and Rocks (wrigleyville). All have fun bar scenes and good food, not to mention the age range you're looking for.

        1. You pretty much covered all Chicago lakefront neighborhoods... You know how many there are? Any specific neighborhood?