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Jul 1, 2009 07:21 AM

Union is open!

Their official opening is Thursday and are going to be open Tuesday - Sunday, serving breakfast, lunch and dinner.

I chanced upon their meet & greet last night, they weren't serving much from the kitchen, but I got to try the elk sliders and fries. Both were really good, looking forward to a sit down...

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  1. Although "elk slider" really doesn't conjure up the right visual I'll still ask, where is this place?

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    1. Anyone else been?
      I'm suprise that no one is writing about it.

      1. My partner and I went Friday night. It was packed, so a challenge for the staff to deal with the inevitable opening issues. Overall, a good experience and look forward to returning in a few weeks after they have a chance to address the issues, which I am confident they will do.

        We were greeted and sat promptly. Server was knowledgeable about wines, not so knowledgeable about menu, and very friendly, enthusiastic and efficient. It would have been helpful if they allowed servers to try the dishes before the opening. Initially service was prompt - approached shortly after seated, wine, water and appetizer arrived fairly quickly. We had a long wait between appetizer and main (over an hour), but server acknowledged her mistake in not inputing order. Given that and recognizing it is 2nd night, not a big deal.

        Decor well done. Exposed walls, interesting mural art, well lit, alternative feel. Atmosphere loud, but not painfully so.

        About the food: appetizers very good - elk sliders (tender and flavourful) and a cold melon/cucumber soup, with a bit of jalapeno and a piece of a whitefish (excellent flavour combination). Mains fair - chicken - (flavour too strong - salty from brine and over-smoky flavour?) and the beef short ribs (special - ribs on menu are pork; bad cut of short ribs - I expect a fatty cut of meat but this was at the extreme end of fatty for short ribs - 60%+ fat - very little meat). Dessert - very good (summer fruit crumble). Wines - very fairly priced. The most popular main on the menu appeared to be the roast beef for two - it was a huge portion and looked extremely tasty. They note they have the best espresso maker on the street!

        Front-of-house manager dropped by table at end of evening and inquired about our thoughts on food and service. Very professional and genuine. He clearly wanted feedback. He treated us to an after dinner drink.
        As noted, I am confident they will address the issues and this will be a great place. If curious, go now. Issues are minor. Enjoy!

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          how much was it for a dinner for two??

          1. re: kenthecook

            Approximately $160 before tip, with 2 apps, 2 mains, 1 dessert, espresso, 1 bottle of wine and 2 glasses of wine.

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              i don't think they are fully operational as yet. all the reviews quote the chef stating that the place will be open from morning till evening (breakfast, lunch and dinner), but I went by today hoping for a quick lunch at around 1pm, and it was still closed with stools up on the front table. looked like they were setting up for the evening but i don't think the breakfast lunch thing is yet happening.

              the lack of website or any written information on the door about hours, menu etc is really annoying. how hard is it to put up a notice about curent business hours?