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Jul 1, 2009 07:12 AM

Bulk Red Pepper Flakes

Any idea where I can get bulk red pepper flakes? it appears our puppy likes our vegetable garden even more than we do, and we need to discourage him.

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  1. Try the International Market on Barron in Metairie, just off of Cleary (riverside of Vets). While IM doesn't sell true bulk (ie, from a bin and you buy as much as you need), it does sell very very large containers of spices.

    International Market
    3940 Barron St, Metairie, LA

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    1. Sam's, again doesn't have bulk but has giant containers.

      Does this work? I have a black lab that is digging for oil in my backyard. I've tried red pepper powder but he still digs! I have an acre lot and some of it's left natural, you'd think he'd dig there,,,but NOOOOO. Right in the middle of the grass.

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      1. re: BayouEgger

        Can't say if it works for dogs, but it definitely does NOT deter squirrels. I had a plague of squirrels causing landscape mayhem and sprinkled pepper to no avail. In fact, the damn squirrels started eating my jalapenos right off of the plants.

        1. re: Hungry Celeste

          Penzey's catalog for bulk pepper. I always found cayenne works this best.

      2. I agree that cayenne works best. I've gotten rid of the problem of stray cats and dogs using my yard as a litter box.
        The grocery adjacent to Mona's on Banks St. sells both cayenne and red pepper flakes in large containers, cheap!

        1. Red pepper flakes don't work nearly as good as cayenne!