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Santa Monica Breakfast?


Down from Vancouver and need a good breakfast. I saw the LA Breakfast thread, but most of the posts didn't call out Santa Monica.

I saw a reference to Blue Plate. Any other suggestions?


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  1. Bread & Porridge, 17th St. Cafe, Cora's Coffee Shoppe, Jinky's, Huckleberry Cafe, Anisette, Pacific Dining Car, Shutters at the Beach, Back on the Beach, Patrick's Roadhouse (among others).

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      second Jinky's, Shutters (sit outside on the patio for an ocean view & breeze), and if you want to be directly on the sand, Back on the Beach.

      never been to Patrick's Roadhouse, but i've wanted to go ever since it was featured on Diners, Drive-ins and Dives.

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        I go to Bread & Porridge about once a month, and haven't had a bad meal there. The pecan and banana pancakes are good, as is the oatmeal. My buddy gets the spinach omelette every time, so that must be good, too.

        Jinky's is another standby. I like the huevos rancheros, which are inauthentic but quite tasty.

      2. This is one place on my list that I have been meaning to go to. Looks delicious. Not quite Santa Monica, but close enough I think.


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          never been to 26 Beach for breakfast, but their salads are great.

        2. the best breakfast in Santa Monica is at either Cora's or Huckleberry.

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            Skip Huckeberry - it's a zoo.

            1. re: J.L.

              its crowded because its good.

              1. re: josh L

                No, it's crowded because it's hip. The food is nothing to write home about. The only high note is the maple bacon scone.

          2. Blue plate= no good.

            The only place I like for breakfast (including those mentioned above) is in the Huntley.

            1. Cynthia's on the Corner on Montana Ave
              Anisette (Wed, Sat, Sun only)

              These are the best breakfast spots, period.

              1. Huckleberry! Huckleberry! Huckleberry!

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                1. re: tablefor1

                  Avoid it! Avoid it! Avoid it!

                  jk. But I can't stand that place. We had several items and left without making a dent in any. All was way too greasy/oily/sweet.

                  1. re: epop

                    what did you have that you didnt like?

                    1. re: josh L

                      the poppy seed cake, the green eggs and ham, the fried egg sandwich and a pizza.

                      We went home and made ginger tea after. Didn't like any of it.

                  2. re: tablefor1

                    attitude attitude attitude
                    forget it!
                    forget cynthia's as well.

                    Try TAVERN LA (Brentwood but....),
                    Bread & Porridge or Snug Harbor - great outdoor patio in back with fab pancakes

                    1. re: ladammann

                      Snug Harbor has a patio? I've been at the counter several times but haven't
                      ventured back.

                  3. Jinky's may make a good omelette...but they are verrry overrated and not worth spending the $dough$ (in my opinion). I, for one, enjoyed my 'less fancy' breakfast at Fromin's...spending half the $$ and getting excellent sides and 'real' bread. Deli 'good' without the cost or attitude. Speaking of a good breakfast without 'attitude'...I'll go to Snug Harbor anytime.

                    1. Not very houndy, but: Norm's (Lincoln and Colorado) -- BUT ONLY if you order the "4 Deuces" breakfast. In its pure form this consists of two eggs, two strips of bacon, two sausages, and two pancakes. But you can adjust it pretty liberally: I generally have 2 eggs, 4 strips bacon (instead of 2+2), and a biscuit and gravy (instead of the pancakes -- though Norm's pancakes are excellent; I'm just partial to slopping a little gravy onto my eggs). 4 Deuces plus coffee comes up to a little over $6, and parking is easy as they have a large lot.

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                        Man, Cora's used to be one of the best greasy spoons ever! I used to have breakfast there nearly every morning when I was on a hi protein high fat diet...It was perfect...until one day, i drove past after returning from a trip back east, and I saw that serious "Upgrading" had taken place. That was it...It may still be tasty but the vibe has become tainted by tourists and the too trendy...blechhh!

                      2. I would add Le Grande Orange on Main Street. Great pancakes and breakfast sandwiches on their own English muffins.


                        1. Snug Harbor all the way. And yes, epop, they do have a patio.