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Jul 1, 2009 06:57 AM

Paris: top food, relaxed atmosphere?

My wife and I are going out for dinner in early September for our 15th anniversary. We would like to reserve at a place with absolutely tip-top French cuisine, preferably more classic and traditional, where you're paying for the great food and not fancy decor or stuffy atmosphere. Someone has suggested La Table de Joel Robuchon. Any other recommendations please? Thanks!

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  1. La Régalade, Chez l'Ami Jean, Christophe, Au Bon Accueil, La Bistral, Le Chateaubriand, Joséphine, l'Auberge du Quincy are places where you're paying for great food. They seem to match your description at various degrees.

    But tip-top food, no matter what they say, does not come without higher pricesand fancier settings. La Table de JR has an excellent lunch deal (55 beverage included) but it is not non-stuffy and dinner is still going to cost you 200eur pp. L'Arpège has tip top food and a very casual atmosphere but it is the most expensive restaurant in town, with a 360eur tasting menu.

    At Le Cinq, Lasserre, La Grande Cascade, Ledoyen, you'll have absolutely tip-top cuisine at the best possible prices (lunch deals under 90eur) but those are very fancy places with overdressed waiters and a lot of decorums.