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Jul 1, 2009 06:39 AM

Bacon, Egg, and Cheese?

Is there a secret dirty deli in the city that makes the best breakfast sandwich? Or has one of our fav ny chefs put an amazing one on their menu recently? I think Momo's pork bun with fried egg is totally awesome, but you gotta be in the mood for hoisin, rather than ketchup. And who has ever eaten at Wolfgangs/Lugers and not dreamed that they could take home that extra slice of bacon and throw some eggs and cheese on it.
Does anyone have a great recommendation?

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  1. I can't help you out with this request, but I have a question.....would you really travel out of your neighborhood or work area for an egg sandwich, unless of course the sandwich did include Luger's Bacon?


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      Sure, why not saying every morning before work ill commute for some B,E,C, but ill hop in a cab on a sat or sunday morning for a solid breakfast. Its a good follow up question for many of these posts...I would think most of us here would go out of our way for that special food product we constantly try to discover.

      1. re: whitepizzawelldone

        I with you on the special breakfast over a weekend anytime....but your opening line mentions a deli, which I assume which would be for take-out or traveling, and not a sit down experience. Would you really add the cab fare to the cost of a simple sandwich?

        For me a fresh hard roll makes the difference between a good sandwich and a poor one(also assuming real Taylor Ham is used). You could definitely upscale the sandwich with a different cheese than the standard American.....or you could upgrade with a roll or Ciabatta type bread, but that doesn't necessarily mean you or I would enjoy it better. Let's say for instance a place uses Sullivan Street Bakery or Baltazar Bakery bread for the sandwich, organic double fried eggs and Prosciutto or may be a great sandwich.....until you get the price tag for it at the end. I would agree it would be nice to try at a sit down place with some good coffee or a Bloody Mary, but not from a deli.

      2. re: fourunder

        I agree with fourunder - not really something you travel for but, suprisingly, the Guy & Gallad delis all have pretty tasty BECs and they're all over the midtown area.

      3. Have you tried the fried egg, bacon, gorgonzola and frisee sandwich on ciabatta bread at 'wichcraft? Amazing! A bit pricey and an occasional indulgence for me, but wicked good! Here is the review I did:

        There is also a really good street cart on Water Street about 2-3 blocks south of the South Street Seaport on the east side of the street. They are there Mon-Fri and I think they are open from 7 am to 10 am. Fairly new cart and really good breakfast sandwiches. I usualy get a egg, ham and swiss with pepper and ketchup. The roll is pretty fresh and the ham is pretty thick.

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          The best Bec are from CT. Try adding sausage to your BEC, It is like a wrestling match going down however the competition is totally sexy. AKA "cholesterol special"

        2. Definitely not the deli version, but Artisanal has some great grilled cheeses that could be a variant on what youre looking for. There is an English Cheddar with bacon and apple that my gf had recently and liked alot, and if you asked perhaps they could add a fried egg(as they do for the croque madame).

          1. I prefer ham to bacon on mine. While I agree that the version at Momofuku's Milk Bar is great, I also enjoy Gray's Papaya ham, egg and cheese sandwich breakfast special with a papaya or coconut champagne chaser. Sort of a quality Egg McMuffin.

            1. oh yeah.. for an elegant option the eggs benedict can be converted by adding another e. muffin!! Many varieties personal favorite, tasso, poblano holindaise and jack cheese. I do not recommend swimming after eating this, ever!!!