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Jul 1, 2009 06:32 AM

Best Little Beer Bar In the Shire

O.k. everyone....... if you haven't found your way to Moe's Tavern in Lee, you're missing out. You will find no Coors or Anhueser Busch products there. It is stocked with ever changing, hard to get brews from the best domestic micro-breweries available. They have a small bar food menu with outstanding wings, i'll drive a 1/2 hour one way for wings and a beer for lunch. Great chili dogs and sliders, also the best french fries and sweet potato fries anywhere. It may not be as big and intimidating as the Olde Forge in Lanesboro but they take no prisoners when offering some of the BEST beer one can quaff.

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  1. The only way I could get my guy to the Country Curtains sale at the rink this past weekend was to tell him we were going to try Moe's for the first time. He was in.
    We went on a rainy afternoon, and found plenty of seats open. Sat at bar. Bartender was very attentive, ordered some nice brews on tap and had wings and chili dogs they were very good- our sweet potato fries were great but undercooked.... Overall, it is a great little spot, my only request would be to either have a small list of the beers on tap (instead of the window or in addition to...) just to explain their tastes and where they are from, alcohol content etc...They seemed to have about a dozen or so taps???? and it would have been great to see something written about them all. Nice selection of bottles as well, although we loved the taps. Overall, a great spot, seemed as though everyone at the bar knew eachother too, which was a nice sign.
    I would say this is a hidden gem in the berks, for sure.

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      I can thoroughly understand your complaint about beer info. The taps change so frequently that printing costs for the beer menus must be pretty high. I personally like the way it is set up. In this day and age where personal interaction is fading fast, because of technology, it is nice that it is necessary to engage someone in conversation regarding the menu as opposed to sticking your nose in a piece of paper. It could be that that is why it seems everyone knows each other there. The bar tenders will also pour a sample of any of the beers on tap as well. It is a nice deviation from your every day bar.