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Jul 1, 2009 06:09 AM

BLT Beware

A new concept by the BLT chain has arrived in White Plains. Under the name of BLT Steak the BLT empire has now perfected a new concept: BLT Inept. Dinner last night at BLT Steak was a disaster worthy of posting in the hopes that the BLT management team takes notice and makes repairs. I searched the web and couldnt find an email address for customer service or anything similar on the BLT website so I have to resort to a post to get word to them.

Dinner for two, intended to be cocktail, two shared appetizers, a shared steak and a side of sautéed spinach. Simple, not difficult at all. From the large menu board over the kitchen window we tried to choose between two salad offerings. The "Ginger Marinated Tomatoes, Burrata and Arugula salad" or the "Beets, Gorgonzola and Apples salad". We asked our waiter and he said both were his favorite but that he preferred the tomato salad so we ordered it and the adventure began.

Take 1: Salad arrives, three small squares of hard cheese sat atop a salad with tomatoes, olives and watermelon. Summoned waiter who told us that was what we ordered. Pointed out absence of burrata and arugula and presence of olives and watermelon and he said that the salad with marinated tomatoes and burrata was no longer on the menu and this was the seasonal tomato salad. We pointed to the menu board where the salad we ordered was clearly present and reminded him of our conversation and he apologized. Not in the mood for olives and watermelon we asked for the beet, Gorgonzola, apple salad instead.

Take 2: Salad arrives. No gorgonzola in sight. Waiter says it is under the beets. We toss the salad and still no gorgonzola appears. More apologies and salad removed with promise to fix it.

Take 3: Salad arrives. nice mound of beets, chunks of cheese and white shredded items on top. A few bites in it becomes apparent that the shredded items on top are endive and red onion and NOT apples as promised. I go to kitchen window and ask for chef. Young guy in street clothes claims to be "a chef" and that "the chef" is not in the kitchen tonight. He comes to table and says that the shredded stuff is apples. We explain it is not and that we certainly know the difference between apples and endive and the salad is taken away. We decline an offer of a 4th try.

Manager came over and apologized, offered us some free side dishes. We decline. They bring our steak and spinach. They also bring sides of carrots and gratin potatoes. When we finish steak and ask for check they dont bring check but bring several desserts. We thank them but decline desserts and ask for check again. Check comes. No adjustments made to check for the troubles, no comped cocktail, nada.

Now I am not looking for a free meal and am happy to pay for what I eat but this experience at a restaurant with the professional caliber of BLT Steak was unbelievably poor. Bringing me food I dont want and multiple apologies is hardly the way to make up for incredibly inept service by a kitchen. It seemed like an Applebee's adventure instead of BLT treatment.

If you want confused kitchen and amateurish front end service at Manhattan prices, BLT is the place to go in White Plains. As for steak, I'll be back to Morton's.

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  1. Try The F&B dept of The Ritz.

    1. Sorry to hear such disappoint for what should have been a far more enjoyable experience.....however, don't you think going to the kitchen window was a little extreme and confrontational. If you're going to get up from your seat to address an issue.....I believe it would have been far more appropriate to seek out the manager and voice your displeasure and to ask for the contact information to the higher up management and ownership to comment and relay your negative experience.

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      1. re: fourunder

        Thanks, Jon1856, I'll try to track down Ritz F&b mgmt. Fourunder: Floor manager had come to table to apologize after takes 1 and 2 and was wholly ineffectual. I admit that by take 3 I was frustrated but after having gone up the usual chain it seemed it was appropriate to bring to chef's attention, after all that is why they have the open kitchen.

      2. "I have to resort to a post to get word to them" - have you tried calling them?

        "I go to kitchen window and ask for chef" - that was when you should have eiher left or told them to forget the salad course and move onto the entree. Approaching the kitchen is never an acceptable choice.

        The "offered us some free side dishes", which you refused. You ordered "a shared steak and a side of sautéed spinach" yet you received "sides of carrots and gratin potatoes" plus "they dont bring check but bring several desserts" and then you state "No adjustments made to check for the troubles, no comped cocktail, nada". So they offered you extra sides, brought extra sides, brought comped desserts, and then you say they did not offer a free cocktail. So a free cocktail is OK but free food is not. Insert head shaking here.

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        1. re: jfood

          I agree withjfood-One should only go anywhere near the kitchen if:
          You are asked to-By Chef
          You know, and I mean KNOW, the Chef and you go via management or other PTB.

        2. The original comment has been removed
          1. it was reported several months in the Journal news that Laurent Tourendel has left BLT in White Plains and the hotel has taken over the operation. this is a BLT operation in name only.

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            1. re: frequentdiner

              If I remember correctly, this was all going to happen July.