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Jul 1, 2009 05:17 AM

brunch for 100 people in Columbia/Baltimore?

Looking for options of a private party for around 100 people in the Columbia area. Also, if there are any good places downtown Baltimore (other than the hotels) please let me know as an option.

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  1. 100 people for brunch is alot. When is this planning on happening? I believe Tabrizis could handle that, they're starting to do brunch this weekend and they have a beautful upstairs that can do well over 200. Actually thats the only place that I can think of. I think my favorite place for brunch in the city is either Petit Louis or Abacrombie. I know Abacrombie couldn't accomodate that many and I seriously doubt if Petit Louis would be able to either. Good luck

    1. Do you have any restrictions on type of food, budget or privacy? I assume you would want a private room, but maybe not.

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        Yes a private area. Food- typical brunch, with omelette station. I know that hotels can accomodate, but curious about restaurants. It's a party, so I don't think 100 is a lot for brunch.I'm thinking n the fall sometime, so nothing outdoors.

        1. re: pamd

          I don't know the size of the private room, but Eggspectations on Rte 108 springs to mind. Good breakfast. Big restaurant. I definitely suggest that you call them to see if they can handle 100 in their private room.

          Other people have talked up Kelsey's for brunch. They do jazz. I don't know whether they have a private room.