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Jul 1, 2009 04:45 AM

Flip Burger Boutique - ATL

I will be in Atlanta this week and we are thinking about going to Flip Burger. Any recent reviews? What are the must haves/must not haves?


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  1. It's a fun place, although reviews on the food have been mixed. I enjoyed the butcher cut burger, the poy 'burger (friend shrimp) and several of the sides. The caesar salad side was great. Also enjoyed the nutella milkshake.

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      I have been several times with different groups of people and every person has always left happy. The fries are a must!! They are the best I have ever had (and are apparently a two day process to make). I was not so impressed with the sweet potato tots, but mainly because my expectations were very high. I have had the Krispy Kreme , Nutella with burnt marshmellow, and pistachio white truffle milkshake. They were all great but surprisingly the pistachio was the favorite by far. As for the burgers, I have not had one that has dissapointed me. The corned beef burger was a stand out as was the philly, pate, and southern. I promise if you go expecting a burger and fries joint then you will be really happy. I honestly have not heard anything but positives about this place, which is why it is always busy!!