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Jul 1, 2009 04:40 AM

Yummy Dinners in El Paso

Hi everyone~

I will be in El Paso from July 8-11 and need some recommendations for some yummy dinners. I will be staying at the Comfort Suite on Desert Blvd and will have no access to to a car. I need a diiner for Wed, Thurs and Fri night...and Im open to everything...especially the staples of the city. My only thing is that I perfer not to spend more than $20 on my meal (I dont drink) since I am on a budget. So show me the best El Paso has to offer!!!

Thanx in advance!

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  1. I haven't been to El Paso in a few years, but I remember late nights after the bars close going to Chico's Tacos. They have rolled tacos and a soupy salsa that simply cures what bit ya. Double order, extra cheese.

    1. You neglected to mention if any friends will be picking you up. You are in a relatively commercial part of town, so you have access to mostly chain restaurants within walking distance. Without a car you will not have access to El Paso's "best" There are a few highlights in that area. Just up the street is Aloha Hawaii. Go for the Katsu and Spicy Chicken. Jaxon's is up the street if you are into southwestern fare. On Doniphan, you have The Magic Pan but, only in the afternoons.

      Chico's is a favorite of locals, but it is an acquired taste and there is not one within ten miles of your stay.

      You could venture down to Rosa's Cantina (on Doniphan)--immortalized in the Marty Robbins' song--if you feel like some Mexican cuisine.

      For Asian fare, you may enjoy Paco Wongs. Just up the street. I guess it woul be considered "fancy" chinese food.

      Just a few sugestions. Not the "best" but, the "best" near your stay.

      1. Well, presuming you're walking, Aloha Hawai'ian is decent. You can eat in or take out. You're near Mesa St, so you can catch a bus, which will open you up to good Mexican along Doniphan. La Choza is on Doniphan @ Sunland Park. bcrank already mentioned the destination spot Rosa's Cantina. Magic Pan (in the Santa Fe Plaza near Donpiphan and Mesa) is a great dinner spot -- yes, it is open for dinner WED, THU, FRI and SAT. Very good food with a Southwest accent (think chipotle calamari), and one of the better dining spots in El Paso, with a kind of casual, rustic atmosphere.

        You're not too far from JJ's, a Mexican joint on Doniphan (next to a vehicle inspection/oil change station) -- it's a great place to sample Northern Mexican food. Order at the counter. In El Paso, the more formica, the more authenticity. Los Jarrones, at Doniphan and Redd, is another good place for Chihuahuan/Sonoran cuisine.

        One caveat: order salsa here and you'll get pureed peppers with water and garlic. Scorchingly hot, and the "real" salsa. Salsa here is not chopped tomatoes, onions, peppers and cilantro. Forewarned is fortongued, so to speak.

        The State Line Restaurant is down Sunland Park Drive across Doniphan. Great food and decent atmosphere (a bit dark and noisy for my taste). Baby-back ribs are fantastic; the brisket less so. Their BBQ sauce is very good, IMO: smoky and a bit spicy.

        I guess if you get some mobility, put up a comment here for some more suggestions. There are plenty of good places to eat in El Paso, but just about none are on the I-10 corridor that splits the town -- the part of El Paso that most tourists see and which falsely frames their impressions of the city.

        Bottom line: if you want Mexican here, it will be regional. World-class, but regional. It is Chihuahuan and Sonoran cuisine, heavy on beef and potatoes. It's the only place I've ever had a potato taco.

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          Chico's is awful, soupy salsa and small deep fried taquitos made only with beef.

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            Yea that makes em greatness. Guess you have never had beer before.