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Fine dining meal in Calgary for a special moment

Ok, I got stuck, I have a tons of selection in Calgary, but I just can't make up my mind, I need to take my gf out for a little celebration, She prefer French/Italian/Japanese.

for french

Rush, Rouge, chef's table??


Capo, Olive, IL Sogno,?


Wa, Zipang, Hiro

I have been to all of them, but this is a very special moment, I want to make it go well and smooth,

If it was you guys, (let just say $150-200 a head) what is my option? Did I miss out anything? I am up for any suggestion?

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    1. re: Dan G

      Beautiful space and great wait staff, but it's way to expensive for what your getting. For Italian I recommend La Vita e Bella.

    2. I'm guessing a "very special moment" should be quiet, so I'd write off Olives, the acoustics are atrocious there.

      I've always been partial to Capo for special occasions (I usually pick it for my birthday dinner)

      1. I agree with alau2. The acoustics at Olives are atrocious. There is no way to even carry on a conversation on busy nights.

        For french, have you considered La Chaumiere? Also for Italian, how about Da Guido's on Centre St? I know both of these places are very "old-school" in terms of decor. But their service has been impeccable the times I went.

        1. Rush is wonderful but I wouldn't call it French. I'd call it, hmm, contemporary? They use a lot of interesting tricks with foams and such... I would highly recommend it.

          1. I'd suggest Il Sogno, it's quiet, the room is beautiful, service and food are flawless and to me more private than Capo (a little more space between tables).

            FWIW DH was going to propose at the restaurant but was too nervous and popped the question as I was coming out of the shower.... I will always remember him getting down on one knee while I stood there in my bathrobe with a towel on my head lol.

            1. For a special moment, I would go for The Ranche. It is not as much money as you are willing to spend, but the location is so remote from everything else, the staff are very good at special requests and I have never been disappointed by the food.

              1. Chef’s Table would do the trick. I had an outstanding meal on my anniversary and the night was near flawless from service to food!

                1. If there is still time to make a recommendation..... For very special: Rush or Capo or River Cafe. Superlative food, service, and River Cafe has location.

                  1. I agree Olive's is out - that is good for before hockey not special moment. (good food though).

                    I like Capo alot and you would not go wrong here but I think it is more on the contemporary side than the Italian side. I would categorize it with RUSH and Chef's table. between the three, I pick Rush. You could reserve the round table - that would be neat.

                    If you want Italian, Il Sogno is lovely but my favourite Italian for a special moment is Centini.

                    What about getting out of the city to Eden at the Rimrock - the view is heavenly and the food is equal to Rush, Chef's table, etc. ... maybe even better. You could also spend the night and perhps spa.... oops the price just went up. you did say special. lol. Or you could go for a hike to work off dinner - there - the price went down again. OH - OH - OH your name is wine guru... you have to go here ... the cellar is ... beyond words. With our tasting menu they must have poured 15 wines EACH over dinner - the most amazing wine experience I have EVER had bar none.

                    1. My vote would be for Capo. It is a nice and cozy surrounding, intimate and sophisticated. The service is great there and the food is always a winner. I would definitely go there. It is my go to for special occasions.

                      The Catch is an option too, nice service and great food. And their head chef just won Gold in the Canadian Culinary Championships 2009. But as I said before, I would still go with Capo.


                      1. OK it's been two weeks already where'd you take her? :)

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                        1. re: maplesugar

                          well, believe it or not, I did made two plans, Capo and Rush, however due to some last minute traveling for her the next day,,,

                          She ask me to make her dinner instead, so I made her fresh pasta (from scratch) with tomato sauce, Salmon and Octopus Sashimi, Poached sable fish and apple pie for dessert.

                          I didn't pop the question yet, even though I want it to, but I just didn't feel like it was the right moment,,,beside she have too much on her plate now

                          Anyhow thanks for all your help, may be next time.

                          1. re: wine guru

                            Good luck! What's not to love in a man who can cook like that?

                            1. re: wine guru

                              Capo and rush were both excellent choices...and I'm sure you two will get there eventually.

                              Seriously what's not to love? :) T cooks quite a bit especially now that he's not at a big firm. Its nice to know it's not all on me all the time.

                              By the way the only reasons not to propose (as far as I'm concerned) recent death in the family or job loss...otherwise I don't know a girl who doesn't like planning her wedding.

                              1. re: maplesugar

                                geeeeeeeeeezzzzzzeeeeeee.... so now we're still in suspense. Good luck when the time is right.