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Jun 30, 2009 10:49 PM

Pinenuts - Bitter taste in Mouth

Please tell me someone else has experienced this. I had pinenuts (Costco from China) a couple days ago with dinner. The next day (yesterday) I started having a bitter - extremely bitter taste in my mouth whenever I ate or drank anything... especially if it is sweet!

I did not initially know it was the nuts. I eat them all the time. BUT thenI got online to search for a reason for the bitter. It was all over the net about Chinese pinenuts and these symptoms.

Thought I should warn my fellow chowhounds. AND please - if there is someone else who has experienced this please tell me. I need to know someone else knows what I am going thru (so nasty) and please tell me when it ends!

So SO miserable.

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  1. Read all about it here ... apparently quite common.

    1. Did you eat them raw or toasted? I wonder if it makes a difference.

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      1. re: zuriga1

        I toasted them and they were a fresh bag. I just opened them. Still bittery in mouth! I am living on cheddar cheese and grits. They seem to be the least noxious in my mouth. Tea and anything sweet... horrors!

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          amazing - and selling at the same price! Hmmm.

        2. I made pesto with pinenuts from the Bulk Store in Greektown Monday...and the weird bitter mouth taste kicked in last night! I've eaten pinenuts many many times without any problems. This batch looked different, nuts were small and seemed roasted. Feared I'd been poisoned until doing a google search tonight. Looks like I just need to wait it out and be more careful about sourcing these nuts in the future (or quit eating them altogether).

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            My experience was bad enough to make me least for now while I can remember the awful taste. Just not worth the Russian roulette as I don't think there's any failsafe way of predicting which are bad!

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              Was that Greektown in Baltimore? I write for The Baltimore Sun and am doing a story on this very topic. Looking for Baltimore-area pine nut victim.

              1. re: LauraVoz

                No, Greektown in Toronto! I thought it was a Toronto board and did not claify my location.
                Good luck with the story--well worth getting this pine nut problem publicized. Here's the latest story I found:

            2. The bitter taste has been going on for days and like you I purchased some pine nuts from Costco. Now that I think I have found the answer I will not be eating anymore of these nuts. I contacted Costco and they will give me a full refund, and said they would check into any issues with the product. After trying to eliminate what was causing this bad taste, I would not have expected the pine nuts to be the source. What is hard to figure out is I have had pine nuts before and never have had this reaction. Sure hope this clears up soon, as that foul taste comes back with any kind of food I eat.