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Party of One - need a good meal while in SEA

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I'll be travelling to Seattle on business, and arrive Sunday in time to grab a bite. Any recommendations for somewhere with great food for a solo diner? Perhaps a restaurant with great food that one would normally want to try while in town that also serves dinner at the Bar?

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  1. I travel a lot for my job and often look for a great restaurant that serves dinner at the bar. Not sure where you are staying but here are a few recs in various parts of town. Cafe Campagne in Pike Market, Palace Kitchen downtown, Quinn's on Capitol Hill, Crow in lower Queen Anne.

    1. If you're downtown, it's tough to beat Palace Kitchen at the bar for a solo dinner.

      1. I second the nomination for Palace Kitchen. I also really like Restaurant Zoe and it has a nice bar. It's a quieter vibe; Palace is more lively, but can also be crowded and noisy. And dark, if you were thinking about reading at the bar.

        1. Also consider the bar at Harvest Vine. Traditional style tapas, can watch the chef's prepare food. Super friendly, super good food. Highly recommend.

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            Good call, I always forget HV has a bar.

          2. Le Pichet on 1st Ave has great French bistro food and serves its full menu at the bar. Also, two blocks away is Buenas Aires Grille where you get great meat and sides; also served in the bar, or at the bar if you don't want the restaurant. Wonderful malbecs available from Argentina.

            1. Thanks for the suggestions! I'm staying in Belltown...at 4th and Virginia. Never been to Seattle...so not sure where that is in relation to anything!

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                4th and Virginia is a great place to be.
                You're only 4 blocks from the Pike Place Market, about which much information can be found on this board. You're also right next to Macy's, in whose lowest floor you'll find access to the bus tunnel (and bus-info desk). Many travelers in your situation will take all their meals at the Pike Place Market, but other tasty restaurants abound nearby. For starters, there's The Tom Douglas Empire (Lola, Etta's, Palace Kitchen, Dahlia lounge, Serious Pie), and you can hardly walk a block in any direction without finding restaurants that are reviewed here.

              2. As a Las Vegas-based chowhound that travels often, one of the things that is cherished as a solo diner is a bartender that understands the menu well, and can help to create some outstanding food/wine pairings. A recent trip to Seattle brought an excellent experience at Restaurant Zoe, not only with the kitchen living up to their reputation, but Tom behind the pair helping to match some items that ordinarily present challenges (which can happen with the creativity of their menu).