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Jun 30, 2009 07:56 PM

A review of Roscoe's Pizza in Takoma Park

My husband I went to Roscoe’s on June 30th. Despite it being a Tuesday night the front room was full and there were plenty of the Takoma Park denizens that help to keep takoma eccentric, including a guy eating solo who practiced his ukulele mid-dinner (at least it quieted the crying babies) There were definitely a lot of families eating together.

Roscoe’s has yet to acquire a liquor license so my husband opted to get water while I tried their lime cooler. The lime cooler was exceedingly tart but refreshing. I think I’d stick to water in the future however.

Despite it being a busy place we were seated quickly and the service staff were plentiful and polite. To start we shared the arugula salad with blue cheese, walnuts, golden raisins and walnut vinaigrette. This salad was perfectly composed with bitterness of the arugula balanced by the tangy cheese and sweet raisins and delightful crunch of the walnuts. The salad was dressed flawlessly, accenting the salad without overwhelming it.

We ate the Roscoe’s pizza which had mushrooms, spinach and tomatoes. I thought that the crust should have been slightly crispier and the spinach was overly wilted and dry, it would have been better if they had added it after the pizza had cooked. I noticed that the tables had red pepper flakes but no parmesan cheese, which led me to vainly hope that they served the pizza with hand grated cheese. Alas, when I asked for extra cheese (the pizza tasted a little under seasoned) they came out with your usual pizza joint parmesan shaker.

For desert we had tiramisu and I have no complaints about it, not too sweet, balancing the flavors of the mascarpone, espresso and cocoa.

By sharing the salad, pizza and desert our tab was just under 30 dollars which is a pretty inexpensive night out by my standards. I think that while this restaurant has some room for improvement, it’s still worth a second look. As a resident of the DC side of Takoma it's nice to have a more upscale resteraunt in town and with a steady flow of customers I hope the place will continue to impprove.

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  1. Here is the location.

    7040 Carroll Ave, Takoma Park, MD 20912

    1. Thanks for the review. As I am also on the DC side of Takoma I really want to like the place. I've been once and had a good, if not stellar meal. I'll definitely go back once they get their liquor license and hope that it's even better than the first time.

      1. As I had an appointment across the street earlier, I decided to have a Sat. lunch here afterward. I really liked the space: lots of light, high ceilings, stone walls behind the bar, wood, -- I thought it was a really pleasant space to be in. I got a pizza margherita and a mediocre glass of wine. I agree with the OP that the crust could have been crispier. The tomato sauce seemed bland to me. Still, it was a good pizza, but not a great one. I've had LOTS worse. The place was also quite loud. Several tables had kids at them and there was a child's birthday party going on at one. If I lived in the neighborhood, I'd go back for sure and try more things off the menu, but judging from the pizza I had today, it isn't worth a special trip. But for someone who lives nearby looking for a child-friendly place, Roscoe's would be perfect.

        7040 Carroll Ave, Takoma Park, MD 20912