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Jun 30, 2009 07:11 PM

red chili pepper substitution

Is there anything that I could substitute for a red chili pepper? There aren't any in the grocery stores around me. Crushed red pepper? Cayenne? A green chili pepper? Thanks.

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  1. it would be extremely helpful to know what you're making with it...

    1. shonuff, you are making this, right?: pecan-crusted salmon with a mango salsa (mangoes, peppers,OJ, cilantro).

      i'd use, in this order of preference, 1. one jalapeño (or serrano, if you like some real heat), 2. a dash of cayenne, 3. crushed red pepper, 4. a good dash of frank's hot sauce.

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        I'd go with the #1 that Alkapal mentioned (any hot green fresh pepper). And I'd also dice up any red pepper they have - a sweet red pepper or even a red bell pepper - for crunch.

        1. re: Cinnamon

          cinnamon, i did mean to say mince the jalapeño, but i thought shonuff knew that, shonuff. ;-).

          you do make an excellent additional point, and shonuff would do well to include some crunchy, sweet red bell pepper in that salsa (minced maybe a bit larger than the jalapeño) -- even if he can't find a fresh jalapeño, and has to resort to the other options.

          i'd also use a mango that is a bit underripe, for better texture. (shonuff can always adjust sweetness with a little sugar, if necessary, or even a touch of honey would add some nice complexity).

          1. re: alkapal

            OK. Thanks. That's exactly what I'm making, and I'll probably go with the crushed red pepper, because there's also red bell pepper in the salsa, and cayenne on the fish. Thanks also for the tip on the mangoes, but the selection wasn't too choosy.

            1. re: shonuff

              ok, so i'd be careful to watch the heat level overall. that crushed red pepper can sneak up on you, and will get hotter the longer it sits in the salsa. (sometimes those flakes are old, too, and can be unpleasant to bite if not fresh enough).

            2. re: alkapal

              Great points. I've had some truly wonderful mango salsas and they've all been 'not mushy' and 'not too sweet' - and then almost whenever I've tried to go buy some in a store, it's this heinous mushy sweet stuff with overripe mangos, the possibility of even added sugar, and/or tomatoes in a pico de gallo type thing. There's an art to it, and the good stuff is gorgeous.

          2. re: alkapal

            If the mango salsa is anything like the type of 'pico de gallo' made with jicama, fruit, etc, then the 'red chili pepper' is likely to be just a fine powder along the line of cayenne. I have small jar of 'pico' seasoning, which is just 'salt and mixed hot peppers'. The idea is to add just a hint of bite, and no concentrated hot bits.