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Jun 30, 2009 07:02 PM

Where to eat in Vegas (fancy)

Hi all,

My family is making a trip to Vegas in a few weeks to celebrate both my wife and mother's birthdays. We want something that really really kicks ass. Price we'd like to keep under maybe $600 for a party of 4 including wine, apps, dessert, etc. By no means do we need/want to spend that much but if the quality warrants the price, we'll pay it.
Great wine list a big plus.
I think we can round it down to Italian or American of some sort; if that helps. I've heard a lot about the celebrity-owned restaurants but they all seem to get mixed each celeb seemingly has like 14 restaurants in Vegas and I have a hard time choosing.
Anyone have a can't-miss recommendation?

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  1. Go off the Strip to save a few hundred dollars. I love Rosemary's, Todd's Unique Dining, Vox Wine Lounge. For the casino crowd, I like Bouchon at the Venetian, Alize at the Palm, Fleur de Lys at Mandalay Bay or MIX at THEHotel. You can't go wrong with any of those restaurants and they aren't the priciest in town, although make sure you tell your waiter your budget ahead of time or you can easily spend twice that at the casino restaurants. Many places now have prix fixe meals. If you call ahead with your budget, many restaurants will design a meal for you. MIX may be the priciest of those, but make sure you get a cocktail there if you choose another place to eat. It is one of the most spectacular restaurants and cocktail lounges you will ever see.

    You can't beat Vegas for wine. With more master sommeliers than any other town in the US, wine has become a huge passion. Whatever your level of wine expertise, you can probably learn something from your wine steward, so begin a discussion to hone your wine skills and get a great wine for your price range. Let them know what you like and how experimental you would like to do. They can match your dinner to a special bottle of wine or create a wine flight to enhance your meal.

    Go to to get the inside story on that trend, as well as a list of other great restaurants. I'd love to hear your experience after your party. Post a comment on The Las Vegas for me to read.

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      I do agree with Todd's Unique. There, it's about the food. Oh, and then there is the wine. You will do very well with your budget, and have both great food and well-paired wines. The ambiance is not the draw there. Do not let the location detract from your experience. There will be no fountains dancing, or pirate ship shows, outside the window. Still, it's a great dining experience. Service is also very good, and fun, especially if you turn your server loose on the wines.

      Back in town, I really like Picasso, but the budget might be a bit of a problem. Have always loved the food, the service and a few of the sommeliers started their career here in PHX, so they grew up with me as a client. Great fun, and a very good meal with wine service, but maybe a touch out of the budget.

      Most of my other recs. would be totally out of line with your criteria, so I'll keep my mouth shut. Others will have better recs. that suit your needs.



    2. You've chosen a great time to "go big" in Vegas. There are prix fixe specials across the board. In fact, I think for your price range you could dine at Alex which is one of the finest venues in town. They currently have a prix fixe for $89 which has a Wagyu filet as one of its choices. That would leave you with a decent amount of leeway to order wine. This is a restaurant and an opportunity not to be missed.