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Jun 30, 2009 05:58 PM

Indianapolis dinners


I will be in Indianapolis this weekend (Keystone Crossing area) and will be looking for two dinners (Friday and Saturday).
I'm open to any type of food and and price range. In the past, I have eaten at Sullivan's (not too impressed) and Oakley's Bistro (enjoyed quite a bit).
I would like to keep within about a 5-10 minute drive from my hotel (Marriott near the Keystone Fashion Mall).
Any advise is greatly appreciated.

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  1. A 5-10 minute drive from the Marriott... hummm

    Right in the immediate area is:
    Shanghai Lil - great dim sum and much prefered to PF Changs!
    Kincades - a steak chain - as you know
    I'd skip El Torito (supposed to be Mexican) Maggianos, Champps and Friday's.

    On 86th Street:
    West - Oakley's - you've already been and liked it (which is great) and if you are going to head that way, one of my favorite Italian places, Amalfi, is on the way. Cafe Nora - isn't as far west - it's a bit southern France and Italy.
    East - Z's Oyster Bar and Steak - steak and oysters! And a beautiful space - but get directions if you go there

    On 96th Street:
    Miyagi - the newest sushi place, and a favorite of a local Chef
    Jasmine - Thai, love the Panang Curry
    Ruth Chris's - yeah, yeah... you know it
    Moon Dog Tavern, Scotty's Brewhouse, The Claddagh - bar/pub food
    Peterson's - IMHO, the best steak/seafood in the city

    Peterson's and Miyagi's would be my top 2 suggestions.
    Hopefully someone else will chime in with some suggestions as well - I sometimes get stuck in a rut and can't think of the other options in this area!
    Let us know where you go and how everything was!

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    1. re: Cookiefiend

      Unfortunately, I didn't have time to get out for a good lunch or dinner, had to eat at the mall food court.
      I did have breakfast one morning at Le Peep which was fairly good. The blueberry pancakes were actually very good.
      I get to Indy 2 or 3 times a year. Will definitely make time for dinner at some of your recommendations next time.

      1. re: SVarney

        Thanks SVarney for letting us know - I'm insanely curious and love it when people report back!

        Le Peep is pretty good, but next time try Cafe Patachou - it's even closer and IMHO better than Le Peep.

        I'll look forward to seeing your posts when you're in Indy next!

        1. re: Cookiefiend

          More as an FYI bookmark for this thread, Cafe Nora is now closed I believe.

          1. re: chetatkinsdiet

            I didn't know that!
            Thanks for the information.

    2. I recently moved to Indy and tried Mama Carrolla's (54th and College or so, maybe 10 mins from your hotel) for the first time last week. Very solid italian food in my opinion. Not the best I have ever had, but very good and inexpensive (dinner for 2 with glasses of wine = less than $50). Old school italian- mostly pasta dishes if I remember correctly. I had the lasagne. It is in a house on 54th street- the atmosphere sort of reminded me of Roseangeles in Chicago. We will definitely be back.

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      1. re: mem53

        I LOVE Mama Carrolla's, but be prepared for a long wait. They don't take reservations, and there is limited space for waiting. We once had a shoulder-to-shoulder two-hour wait in the winter and had to bust out of there due to the crowd. If you can go in the summer, it's beautiful to sit out back--nice garden/patio area with umbrella tables. The food is GREAT, but go early.

      2. Sawasdee for Thai on 86th and Ditch. I believe H2O Sushi is closed this week for vacation.